San Juan del Sur Real Estate

Central America has been becoming more and more popular in terms of real estate. San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua is no exception. Whether it be for retirement, vacation homes, change of lifestyle, or investment opportunities many people have turned to San Juan del Sur real estate in the last several years.

San Juan del Sur real estate offers some attractive attributes for the person who wishes to retire to Nicaragua:

The Beautiful Sandy Beaches: Many people when they retire like to retire to the beach scene as it is more relaxing. San Juan del Sur has 4 main beaches: Playa Maderas, La Flor, Playa Coco and Playa Remanso. Even though these beaches are known as surfing beaches they are also very picturesque and calming making them perfect for long walks at sunset. The great thing about these beaches is that they are relatively unspoiled by human activities so they are also a great place in which to observe a myriad of animals in their natural habitat.

The Lower cost of living: San Juan del Sur, being located in Nicaragua, has a lower cost of living than many countries in the world. A lot of retirees from the United States and Canada make their way to San Juan del Sur for the lower cost of living as many retirees are on a fixed income pension and they get more bang for their buck here than they would back home.

Those that have fallen in love with San Juan del Sur when on vacation to Nicaragua, sometimes opt to purchase a bit of San Juan del Sur real estate so that they have a spot to come to every once in a while on vacation without having to worry about reserving a hotel room, and can enjoy the extra privacy afforded them in their own vacation home. As an added bonus when they aren’t using their vacation home they can rent it out quite easily to other travellers and have the expenses of the house paid for by the house itself.

Some people just want a change of lifestyle and San Juan del Sur offers a radical change in lifestyle. The pace of life in San Juan del Sur is a lot more relaxed and slower than the United States, Canada or even many European countries. For this reason San Juan del Sur real estate agents keep a handy supply of studio style apartments available in downtown San Juan del Sur, for those looking for a change of lifestyle but aren’t yet ready to retire.

San Juan del Sur real estate has also become very popular in terms of real estate investment. There are several investment opportunities available in San Juan del Sur in terms of businesses: Bars, Restaraunts, Scuba Dive Shops, Hotels, Hostels, Souvenir shops, clothing stores and more. Besides these “turn key” businesses, San Juan del Sur real estate investment opportunities also include development projects such as luxury condos, new hotels and 5 star resorts as well.