Masaya Resturants, Food & Dining

Many people tend to think of Masaya Nicaragua as the boondocks of the country, with not a lot of culinary delights to keep one satisfied on their trip through Nicaragua.

Nothing could be further from the truth! There may not be a mountain of choices when it comes to Masaya dining, but there is enough of a selection to keep even the most fussy people happy.

Her are some restaurants you can enjoy whilst pondering about what Masaya dining options are available to you:

La Jarochita

While visiting Nicaragua, you may wish to kill two birds with one stone, and try some other Central American style cuisine as well. La Jarochita is a very well known Mexican restaurant in the area, and has an excellent reputation. The food is excellent, the ambiance needs to be seen to be believed, and the staff are professional as well as courteous. One of the best things on the menu, if you are inclined towards spicy foods, are their juicy spicy fajitas, served with a fresh salsa and freshly made guacamole.

Fruti Fruti

Fruti Fruit is perfect for that mid afternoon snack and refreshment. They are not really a full service restaurant, but they do make a mean smoothie. They also have an excellent omellete for the breakfast crowd, and the service is very fast, not to mention affordable.

Actually, they are one of the few places in Masaya actually open for breakfast, so you may want to take advantage of their excellent omelettes before that early morning hike.

Pizza Gold

Nicaragua is not really known for its pizza, in fact most people hate it, however Pizza Gold is actually pretty decent, and incredibly affordable. While it is not the same as heading to a Pizza Hut or Dominoes, the pizza is of sufficient quality, and you really can’t complain, since the price is so good.

A recommended order would be their pepperoni slices, they are a quick and easy lunch for when you are running to catch your bus out of town.

La Ronda

This restaurant doesn’t look like much more than a hole in the wall little fritanga, but the food is absolutely delicious. The Filet Mignon, while not up to fancy restaurant standards, is a real steal at only about $2 for a plate! The portions are very large, and generous, and the sides are always prepare fresh, no stale rice here!

Don Pepe

You wouldn’t think a quaint little city such as Masaya would have an Italian restaurant, but it does. The restaurant is well laid out, and has an amazing botanical garden. Some people may not like the over dressed waiters, but they are professional, and lend to the atmosphere. However, the menu does leave a little to be desired, and it has been said more than once that tomato ketchup does not go in pasta dishes…

That being said, it is a good place to break the “fritanga” routine, if you don’t want something overly complicated.