Bringing a Vehicle Across the Border

This page is a supplement to the other border crossing by land pages. It offers the additional considerations for dealing with a vehicle. (Like the other pages in this section, this is a work in progress. Please add comments for additions and corrections. They will be incorporated into this page.) First, the following questions need to be answered:
  • Is the vehicle registered in your name (vs. someone else's name or the name of a company)?
  • In what country is it registered?
  • Is it wherever it is legally?

Crossing the Nicaragua/Costa Rica Border Illegally

This is popular enough that it needs to be covered. Much like the US/Mexico border, there is a lot of illegal traffic on this border. Also like the US/Mexico border, a large part of this traffic is for migrant workers to go to where the jobs are. The difference is this means Nicaraguans entering Costa Rica rather than Mexicans (and Central Americans) entering the US.

Entering/Leaving Nicaragua by Boat

I confess I know nothing about this but, for completeness, the page is here. If you have any clues, ...

Crossing a CA-4 (Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala) Border

There is an agreement between these four countries, commonly called the CA-4 agreement, which effectively treats them as one country when traveling among them. But, of course, there are exceptions, conditions, ...

Crossing the Nicaragua/Costa Rica Border by Land

Crossing this border by land (at either Peñas Blancas or San Carlos) is the most complicated of all the possible entry/exit points. How this works will depend on a whole host of things.

Generic Information

Much of this information is common no matter which direction you are going or which border point you are using. The basics are:

  1. You go to the border control point for the country you are leaving, fill out a form (same each way), hand it in with your passport and possibly pay a fee.

Entering/Leaving Nicaragua by Air

Fees and rules for entering and leaving by air are different via air and ground. Yes, many things are the same but the bottom line is different. Thus, I have split this off from (the more complicated) ground rules.

Entry/Exit Fees

This will become the page with all the numbers. It will be references from the other pages in this Entering/Leaving Nicaragua section.

General Fees

  • Nicaragua exit fee: $2 (there are other considerations if you are a Nicaraguan resident but not Nicaraguan national)
  • Nicaraguan entry fee: $12 (This is for a tourist visa. Residents pay nothing.)

Specific Location/Type Fees

Entering/Leaving Nicaragua

Questions about entering and leaving Nicaragua are common here. Unfortunately, the answers are spread all over the site because there is no one, easy, cookie-cutter answer. That is, it depends on what other country is involved, your citizenship, legal residency, direction and so much more.

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