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DarkSide of Bitcoin

Is there really a point to an untraceable currency unless you're a pedophile, terrorist, or drug dealer?


I have a little less than 9 weeks until I arrive in Nicaragua. My plan is to decompress at Las Peñitas for a few days and end up in Estelí to live. I have a home for the next few months there, thanks to NicaLiving, and will look around for more permanent residence and tienda. { love to play cribbage. Any takers? I also play most card games with the exception of pinochle. Rusty at bridge but won't embarrass my partner. I am enrolled at CENAC for another program from them starting on the 16th. Afternoons and evenings are best.

Charles Slane

corruption or user fee?

If a person is pulled over by the transito and given the choice to pay up or get a ticket, is it corruption or a user fee?

Nuevo Año

Un Año Nuevo feliz y prospero para todos en NL.

Charles Slane


2 days ago, (19DEC13), the police swept through the neighborhood picking up all of the drunks and thieves. They didn't get them all, as the word spread quickly and people hid in doors, but the police knew exactly who to take and who not to take.

I was told this was done to keep crime and drunkenness down during the holiday season. Further, I was told they would be shipped off to La Dalia for a month to go through some type of boot camp to dry out.

Global Age Watch 2013 (world rankings)

There isn’t much country-comparative analysis along these lines. The Global Age Watch Index is “…the first global index to rank countries according to the social and economic wellbeing of older people…”.

French Solution To

Venezuelan consumer goods shortages (at least one recent shortage):

Charitable-Industrial Complex

Peter Buffet, son of Warren Buffet, has written an article for The New York Times on the charitable-industrial complex. I have just been listening to a radio interview with him and he said the response on his website has been mostly positive, that somebody had to say it. This is much like his father who is "known for calling a spade a shovel."


Paying for Domestic Labor

An article in AutoStraddle titled Domestic Work Is Real Work: Nicaraguan Co-Ops Stop Being Polite and Start Paying Women is about a real issue in many places but happens to specifically focus on Nicaragua. The following quote defines the problem.

Speaking "another" Language

While there are more native Spanish speakers than English speakers in the world, many people feel more people in Nicaragua should speak English. Speaking multiple languages is fairly common in Europe, but that isn't the case in the US. The excuse, of course, is geographical isolation.

there throwing a great party..

just walked down to plaza inter and back..from the rotunda..down to the malacon ..wall to wall people..they have to have most of the mga hauling people..i just hope the t-shirts and flags are made here in nica. everyone has 1..u see young..old poor..looks like everyone is having a good not walking down to the malacon

Is tourism changing Nicaragua's Culture?

He is an article on how Nicaragua's culture is being affected by tourism. As a whole tourists are a great thing to have to improve the local economy, but it also has a down side. This article discusses the changes being seen.

Crossing Mexico's Other Border

A 23 minute documentary about illegal immigration on Mexico's southern border. New this year.

Societal Trust.

This two words caught my attention reading in a reply to Key WestPirate's post Some Excellent Insights. What happens in Nicaragua, could also be the case on many other nations that have almost the same historical and social issues that we have. Societal Trust. As long as there will be poor, and I mean really poor people, leaders like Chavez, rip, and Ortega, they will have a Societal Trust. In this here land, the land of plenty for the few and the land of nothing for the many Societal Trust comes cheap.

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