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Are there TukTuks in Granada?

If so, how popular are they and who uses them?

FOR SALE ~ 2011 Toyota Tacoma 4X4--Taxes paid

FOR SALE ~ 2011 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 Available March 1 $ 30,000 NO TAXES TO BE PAID Year: 2011 Make: Toyota Model: Tacoma Purchased: July 2011, from Toyota dealership in Florida Trim: Extended Cab Pickup 4-Door Options: Locking Toneau Cover, Bed Liner, Chrome Running Boards, Alloy Wheels, SR5 Package, MP3 connection, Tail gate lock, 4-Wheel Drive, AM/FM/CD Player, Backup Camera, Tow package; Bucket seats, Sliding rear window, full size spare tire/rim. Drive Type: 4x4 Safety Features: Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag with on/off key, Side Airbags Mileage: 15,000

Lost drivers license how can i drive in nica?

Wallet fell out of my pocket with my New Hampshire drivers license months ago in Leon. I am starting a business with a partner now and need to drive. no luck and the police station and neither at the US embassy. I dont have the $ or the time to go back to USA and get a renewal. I have a photo copy of my license . is there any where i could get an international license etc. Im open to any options making me legal to drive here in nica. thanks for anyhelp

NAPA ..the napa store in mga is open..

stopped there today..good looking store.. employ's..were eager to help..and nice to deal with..there garage part isnt open yet..there equipment is stuck in aduana ..go to the montoya statue and look around..u wont missit..its the old launa mattress store parts store..

just saw a new one..not open yet..but real the montoya statue in mga..used to have a chevy blazer and the chevy dealer down here stunk.wouldnt order parts for it..they used to have a napa dealer..and got my parts thru them..back..them..u could get anything they sold in the states shipped down here.. walked around the store this morning..there stocking shelfs now..they must have 10-15 stalls..for oil changes.. alignments..and mechanical stuff..way bigger than i thought..talked to a sec.guard..he said..should open in a week or 2..there doing a 1st rate job..on what im seeing

bringing your car to Nicaragua

Here's an update from Nicaragua and bringing your own car down. My advice is DO NOT DO IT. It is the biggest pain you could ever imagine. The drive down was fine thanks to Billy & Bette, maybe we got lucky who knows. I would do that again in a minute.

Motorcycle License

I´ve been going through all the old post but was wondering if there is any new information. I have a US license with out a motorcycle endorsement. I would like to purchase a motorcycle here. I know ppl who drive motos on US licenses with out endorsements for motos and just BS the cops. Not sure if I wanna take the risk of doing that. Some of the post were really old and just wanna check if there is any new info. Do I have to take a test? Is there a way around it? Thanks

Conoces El Indio?

I asked for the third time in the Costco parking lot in Tijuana.

"Yes, of course" my new friend answered. He pointed to the street in front of us: "Three blocks, turn right, and follow Allende about ten blocks up the hill".

This place is worse than CR: everyone speaks English, and it's annoying, because Mexico is the place where my Spanish works best. Lonche and Troke are words they understand. Try using lonche in Nicaragua . . .

electric vehicles in Nicaragua

Hello all,

My name is Jim, my family and I are making the move at the end of January to join you all there. I ask the question about electric vehicles because I build both electric cars and motorcycles and want to continue to do so. We have designs for our own vehicles we want to bring to production if only for export if not well received there. Can you all kindly (please) tell me your thoughts on them.

Importing an antique vehicle

i'm in the process of becoming a rentista and understand that i can bring in my vehicle ( tax exempt on it's value (?) up to $25.000. what percentage do i pay if i go over? also/ i read somewhere?? that i can bring in an antique vehicle/ have to prove it's an antique/ well/ i'ts a 1917 so that part shouldn't be difficult/ it's value in the us is only $5000/ it's a rust bucket that i like to drive and i know it makes no sense to bring it/ but i want to/ and if it eventually breakes down i'll make it a planter for flowers. has anyone tried either successfully or not to do this!!!

Anyone have a vehicle for sale?

My wife and I are living in Leon and are looking for a fuel efficient vehicle with some ground clearance and that is not beat to hell. We are looking to spend 4K to 7K but would like a vehicle that has known at least the occasional oil change. We are not picky about the type of vehicle but want something reliable to get us around cheaply. Does anyone have something like this for sale?

Trucks for the campo

I work for an organization called buildOn that builds primary schools in rural communities in the Northern departments of Nicaragua. We are looking to purchase a truck for the organization. I have essentially narrowed down the options to either a Toyota Hilux or an Isuzu D-Max, both 2012. We will be spending a LOT of time off road, in the rain, mud, etc. I know that everyone drives Toyotas up there, and will argue that there is no other good option, but I am wondering if anyone unbiased has an opinion on the matter? Does anyone know anything about Isuzus?

Anybody know a Canadian who drives a grey 2001 Suzuki Gran Vatara?

I'm looking for the Canadian who bought 2001 4-WD Suzuki Gran Vatara from my friend in Managua in October last year.

I have lots of stuff that goes with the car including two complete mechanical service manuals, storage bags for the Summit luggage carrier, new spark plugs and fuel pump, new filter, a trailer hitch and ball, a custom bar that fits into the trailer hitch so one can stand on it to access the luggage rack, jack and ax kit that hangs on the luggage rack, etc.

I also have instructions for switching between the two batteries.

Why register my car?

I bought my car second-hand from someone else and intend to drive it into ground rather than sell it and trade up. This might take a long time since I don't drive it much and baby it, and it's in solid shape.

I've never bothered to register it in my own name and wonder if I should go through the bother given the time and expense, so I'm wondering how I would benefit by register it.

I'm told I won't be able able to drive it into Costa Rica, Honduras or El Salvador unless I register it. Is this actually true?

Are there any other benefits to registering the car?

Where do I get a mechanical inspection in Rivas?


I was told that I need a "yellow mechanical inspection" paper and there is a garage in Rivas that issues these. Does anyone know where the garage is located?

I'm heading up to Rivas today to meet our Nica friend so I can hopefully register the vehicle I bought in Managua. (I think this is a fools errand)

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