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Thanks soooo much key west.. for your help!!

Route hijack/censorship monitoring in foreign countries

Specifically, Nicaragua. :)

The short, less technical version, is that Turkey is pretending to be Google, and conveniently omitting Twitter's existence from the internet in Turkey.

Satellite internet equipment and Nicaraguan law?

I've been in touch with an outfit in Houston that can provide internet via SATMEX 5 or SATMEX 6 to our remote spot in Nueva Segovia using a 1.2 meter dish and a transmitter. Does anyone have experience getting a small transmitter and cable through Nicaraguan customs? Likewise, is it easy or even possible to pick up a dish that size or thereabouts in Nicaragua? Are there laws about having a transmitter for personal internet use??? Man, do I feel ignorant!

Web Master Needed

I have asked around SJDS and Rivas for a web master that can deal in english based web sites, but have come up empty. Some of us that don't do this themselves must be using one? Any leads greatly appreiated.


Ink cartridge refills??

Felices Fiestas a todos. Well we finally concluded that we're spending way too much on printer cartridges in our organization - plus the added notion that the environment would be better off if we didn't continue buying cartridge after cartridge.

Netflix now streams to Nicaragua

I don't know when precisely they changed this, but there was an ad for Netflix on an Android program for Nicaraguan news (Noticias de Nicaragua for the people with Android phones and tablets). Works as well as Claro's connectivity does -- watched a movie today without glitches (local phone service isn't behaving as well). So, no need to bounce things through a VPN. Cost is $7.99 a month (don't know if they will bill to a local CC). They subtitle the movies in the language of the IP number but you can change your preference to either Spanish (default) or English for everything else.

BitCoin Goes Mainstream

OR, " . .NSA now capturing and caching palm prints . . ."

Another interesting article on the same site that discusses the implications in the fall-off of Venezuelan aid to Nicaragua:

This is from the daily news summary provided by The Real Nicaragua .. ..

Getting a non-Nicaragua IP address

Some of us have experienced problems trying to do some things on-line from a Nicaraguan IP address. Some services (hulu, for example) are blocked and sometimes credit card transactions check to see if your IP is from the same country as your shipping and/or billing address.

The usual answer is usa a VPN -- Virtual Private Network. That works but, until now, they have come in two flavors: slow and unreliable or not free. It appears that has changed.

Secure Messaging with bitmessage

We have had a few discussions about computer security. I want to add bitmessage to the list of tools. While it is just in beta right now, it appears to be an easy to use alternative to how to securely use email. A cavet is that it has not had a thorough security audit yet but as it is open source and based on bitcoin technology, it is likely safe. I expect that audit will happen soon.

Desktop shopping in Managua

Many thanks to those of you who answered a previous thread of mine asking for advice about where to shop for a desktop and tips about what to buy. I’m grateful to all who took the time to reply.

I eventually decided to buy a local purchase instead of import a machine because I needed a computer fast; and also because I had too much on my plate at the time than to deal with shippers and the folks at customs regarding a bulkier, more fragile, higher-ticket item.

Desktop ... where to buy and what to buy

I need to buy a new desktop. Can anyone recommend a good shop in Managua, Granada or Jinotepe ...

Of course I want a good price but I also want a shop that I can rely on to do good work if I need something fixed while it is still under warranty.

Also, can anyone give me good advice about which brands have a good reputation for durability and value for money ...

much obliged for any advice anyone can offer.

Claro modem antenna advise ?

Awhile back we signed up for Claro's 4G internet service, which should provide downloads up to 5Mbs on the HSPA+ network. Since we live in the campo about 1k SE of the town of Nandasmo we expected a lot worse, and got it. Typically downloads are less than 100kbps on the EDGE network. That's good enough to surf the web, slowly, and deal with banking, but not much more. The RSSI is about -83dBs. We're line-of-sight to towers in Catarina and Nandasmo, blocked only by trees.

Voting Made Easier

It occurred to me that if voting were easier more of the 80 million non voters might vote. I don't know if either party would want that, but certainly the technology is there.

A secure site, using an easily obtained voter ID number (maybe tied to your Social), and a reasonable window of days prior to that first Tuesday in which to log in and cast your vote. A non-partisan and non-government entity could manage and secure the site, avoiding any hint of incumbent tinkering (and guaranteeing that the site would actually work).

WiFi Booster

This might be a inexpensive solution for someone who has an existing but weak signal:

This will not demodulate the signal from the cell phone carrier. It will only amplify an existing wi-fi signal. Click on the links at the bottom of the page for more options. An outside antenna would of course be more effective.

Three questions Estesa cable internet please

1st - South Nicaragua SJDS & Rivas seems to be on non-routable private intranet IPs and out to a single publicly routable IP - Changed to this a few months ago - Seems unusual? - Is this some kind of band aid in the transition to IPv6?

Is this the same throughout Nicaragua? Non routable private intranet IPs? Same IP?

2nd - Anyone had problems with SIP Phone or adapter (PAP-2 type) and need to forward in Router?

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