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PVC pipe

Does anybody know where I can buy schedule 80 PVC pipe?

Fascinating Bit Of Sandinista History


This incident comes up in all the books about the war. Until now, I didn't know the perpetrator.

Curious that it would be a Swede that authored the bombing. Does sound like something Borge would do, but we can't ask him now.

So, ALBA Medical School

was only open a short time according to the following article dated the first of December:


"To be sure, Venezuela isn’t retreating into a hole. Maduro last month ordered the creation of a medical university in Venezuela to turn out doctors from around Latin America. He’ll present the proposal at this month’s summit in Caracas of the Bolivarian Alliance of nine leftist nations that includes Bolivia, Cuba and Ecuador".

Snowden Interview: Call Me Ed

Clearly nothing to do with Nicaragua but some will want to discuss it. I moved the post to http://a42.com/forum/pg/topicview/misc/general-chat/snowden/snowden-inte...

Fox News Is

Keeping Guantánamo Open

for Snowden ?


Instead of some cold Super-Max in Minnesota, a refuge on the balmy island of Cuba.

Throwing him in a bag in Russia is going to be tough, but we've done some pretty spectacular renditions.

Call me a softy, but I just want the best for our guy.


A Moment That Changed Us



My only thought: It's a shame the museum had to open under Barak Obama's tenure as president. We could have waited another two years . . . .

Never A Dull

moment in Venezuela as the government seeks managed solutions to the managed economic crisis:


So, we're going to use old cars and motocycles as rebar . .? .. .I'm trying to picture this, I'm not an engineer so it's going to take a while. "Nicolas, hand me another rocker panel for this lintel, looks a bit saggy . . No, no a steering column won't work. We'll use that on the roof pour along with the front axle."

Hope For Snowden

in forty years. He'll get a reality show . . like Ollie.

In the meantime, it's a lot better in Russia than when Lee Harvey, Kim Philby and Guy Burgess were there. There's shopping now, it's not all communist gray anymore, and there's Pussy Riot for entertainment. Snowden just did a softball interview with Putin; maybe he'll move into journalism now that he doesn't have any more secrets to sell.


Not the charismatic figure that Ollie is, but MSNBC might pick him up . .

Liberia CR hotel

I will be visiting Liberia CR for a couple of nights. Can anyone suggest a clean, quiet, comfortable budget hotel there?

New eathquake alert Sunday night

Nueva alerta de terremoto / New earthquake alert

(English below)

13/04/2014 Domingo / Sunday 8:30 p.m.

El gobierno nicaragüense llamó hoy aquí a extremar precauciones ante la posibilidad de un nuevo sismo que tenga como epicentro una de las fallas de la ciudad de Managua.

Hace unos minutos ocurrió un sismo de 2.8 grados en la escala de Richter a solo ocho kilómetros de profundidad y a dos de Managua.

Esto es una señal preocupante pues puede significar la activación de fallas que van debajo de la ciudad, sobre todo la conocida como falla del Estadio.

Lunar eclipse

Apparently we will getting a front-row seat of the lunar eclipse on Monday night and Tuesday morning. It will be a full eclipse and reach its maximum at about 1:45 a.m. Tuesday morning. I doubt that I will be able to stay up that late.


How US border checkpoints should work

The video is fiction. It simply documents how things would work legally. Maybe there needs to be something in between but if you are planning to leave Nicaragua and illegally enter the US, it is what not to expect.

Khadafi Fans Can

watch a documentary on Showtime this coming Friday . . .


Review from the BBC for those on the other side of the fence:


Christopher Olgiati’s “Mad Dog: Inside the Secret World of Muammar Gaddafi”

He and DO were always close friends:


Rebecca Will Love

this one:

Don't come,, Send money,,


Won't do much for Hotel Cafe's numbers ....in truth,a lot of people besides missionaries stay there. . .I've stayed there a few times and no one would call me a missionary (called me a lot of other names, never missionary).

Some others from The Real Nicaragua's daily sweep of Nicaragua-specific news hits:

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