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Coffee "rust" is result of climate change?

That is what an article asserts. Maybe so, maybe not but it does a good job of explaining the problem and the consequences.

The article appears in The Guardian under the title Latin America: how climate change will wipe out coffee crops – and farmers.

3D printing - Print a house in 20 hours

I have been following the progress of 3D printers, printers that unlike the ones we all know that deposit ink or powder onto flat paper, are used to build 3D objects out of plastic, one layer at a time. While they have become affordable for home users, they are still uncommon but they're at the forefront of the next manufacturing revolution.

Now a professor in California is using the same concept to print entire houses out of lightweight concrete and fiber, and he can build a 2500 sq foot one in 20 hours.

Passive Solar House in Tropical Areas


I am Japanese who lives in Leyte Philippines. The normal daytime temperature is average about 33 degrees Celsius. So I started thinking how live cooler.

...people are not familiar in building a Solar House. Resources here are very limited so simplicity is the best. so I thought of using only conventional ways of building techniques, no high technologies nor sophisticated tool and equipments.

...I'm now out of budget so somebody should build this house for trial. Be a next scapegoat....

Essence of Passive Solar House


i do a tablespoon every morning..for the last couple of yrs..swear by it for my arthritis ..any one know where..i can get some plants down here..

Roofer / architect needed

Anyone recommend an architect and construction company who might be qualified to replace the roofs on five two-story condominium buildings? About 10,000 square feet?


Much better than zinc!

Green Building in the Tropics

I came across this website which has a great page on green building in the tropics. More importantly, it's from the west coast of Costa Rica so the climate is similar to the west coast of Nicaragua, having both wet and dry seasons.

House of Pallets

Prototype built for Prince Charles Royal Gardens. Now you can have one too. Live like royalty in your own hovel, etc. (Note: Royal Gardens not included in kit.)

New Organic Farming Project

When I was out in the middle of nowhere as reported in the Javier III post, we spent some time talking with a woman from a Canadian NGO. They have a 3-year program in organic farming.

The audience are the young folks in the area. There are two days of classes per week with a garden space that they share. In addition, they are to set up their own private gardens back at home. Seeds and other material are given to them. Besides growing the crops, they will learn to collect their own seeds in order to make a sustainable system.

Hacienda style architect

Looking for a really creative architect to design and oversee the construction of a large U-shaped Mexican style hacienda in Carazo.


hope i spelt it correct. couple of people recommended i use this material to backfill over a 4¨perforated pipe. to me, this is just rock hard clay which should breakdown when water hits it. gravel is very expensive here. would anyone have a suggestion for a french drain system? the house sits on top of a good slope and the property behind has a great lay for the water to be diverted. i am more concerned about run off from the roof in monsoon season. i am doing earth bag construction and also looking for a capillitory break material to place. thanks, K

What is wrong with this

Seems like we have a lot of good building input on here today.

I know a lot of the good stuff about this kind of small house, but want to hear what i might be missing about the negatives.

Cannot think of too many.

Stilt House

Earthbag Building in Nicaragua

Maybe the heat has gotten to me me but I'm thinking about getting a big lot in the far northern edge of Granada and building a earthbag house. Earthbag w heavy clay soil from San Juan Oriente mixed with pea sized volcanic gravel..I'm thinking three dome group about 600 sq feet total. A 18' living-room kitchen, 16' bedroom w partial loft & 8' bath..the actual structure should only cost about $C15 a sq foot leaving money to well appoint the interior. Attached outdoor/jardin space... kind of like a bear enclosure at a modern zoo

Building with Mushrooms?

I will be the first to admit this is a bit out there but we often talk about building materials and what might fit. This article is about building with fungi complete with photos and an explanation of the process. While this specific type of fungi may not be the local answer, it certainly encourages out of the box thinking.

So, check out this fungus house either to get some out of the box ideas or just for your amusement.

Managua's Seismic Vulnerability

RSJGringita's post on Earthquake-resistant construction in Managua, deserves a closer look I think. I did some small research and the results I found are worrying. In the week after the earthquake of Port au Prince, some articles that were published in LP and END expressed the same worries.

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