Seeing Nicaragua Clearly

Understanding and describing Nicaragua or any other place, country, etc. for that matter is not easy. We all "see things" through our own set of personal biases. When living in another society the native society comes with it's own set of collective and each person's personal biases about "outsiders". When all of those misconceptions from both sides meet they can be a source of difficulties.

On becoming an Ex Pat and moving 'Way Down South'

A friend or ours Udo, a native of Austria who spent several years in Africa and other countries abroad wrote this for the "Friends Across Cultures Tribe" Sums it all up if you are a "newbie" or a "wannabe":

"The differences come into it when one moves from one culture to a really different one.

More basic living questions.

How much can I expect to pay for rent for a modest 2 bedroom home?

Can I take martial arts classes in Esteli? Is there a gym of some kind? Fitness classes? A public pool?

Can I buy books/magazines/newspapers in English? Can I get Hershey's chocolate? Or even better, Cadbury's? Lay's potatoe chips?

Do the Nicarguans think us gringos are crazy for wanting to live in their country? How do you answer those questions? How often have you met people that expect handouts?

daily life in Nic, things not covered so far

A couple of questions about living in Nicaragua.

Is high speed internet access available? by satelite? -how much is it a month? is it reliable?

how much does it cost to see a doctor? what if I get appendicitis? how much will the surgery cost? is there national healthcare?

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