Employment with only a Tourist Visa?

I am a college grad here in Oklahoma, US with a BS in Computer Engineering. I am planning to move to Nicaragua in October to be with my fiance and work and explore Nicaragua, but don't expect to be applying for residency.

Books on Living in Nicaragua?

I'm trying to find a guidebook just for living in Nicaragua. A few years ago I saw one, I think by Christopher Harold, which was really just horrible and degrading to women.

Then today, I found this book link on amazon

Has anyone heard of it?

Thanks to you all!!!!

I just want to say that I live in Southern california, but am soon on my way to retire in Casares beach. I would not have been able to make this final decision without this thread! Thank-you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where to Live


I want to live in an area where there are many other English speaking people. My spanish is very bad even though I was fluent in my youth ( I lived in Uruguay for 5 years in Grammar schoool).

Any suggestions for my upcoming scouting trip to Nicaragua.

Thinking about moving to Nicaragua


I am from San Francisco and have seriously considered packing it all up and moving to Nicaragua to open a small business and live a happy life on the beach.

I am hearing bad things about the crime rate, but I'm also hearing that this could be the next hot spot for tourists.

I need to know from the people who live in Nicaragua, is this a good idea?

What should I be concerned about?

Thanks so much Stef

Best place to live (2 choices)

I have a choice of 2 places to live in Managua and I know nothing about either. All opinions, suggestions and comments welcome.

I'd also appreciate help on which map (in the Regions section) would be best to look at.


1. Masaya Highway (Las Colinas, Santo Domingo, La Estancia, Las Cumbres)

2. South Highway

3. On which map might I find the U.S. Embassy's location?

NOTE: My preference is to be as close to any body of WATER as possible.

Thanks and all help is appreciated (I hope I have provided enough information --it is all I was given)

~ DLR ~

Sunseeker says "Hola!"

Since I've read extesively on NL for several months now, I thought I should make an introduction. My husband and I are 50ish and with every passing year think harder about a moderate climate. Yeah, we're in the northern states. Freezin' our booties. And considering a less complicated lifestyle. Thankyou for this site Fyl. There is so much usable information. And the BS is good stuff.

Bug Problem? HELP ASAP!

Hey all. I'm going to Nicaragua in March for a missions trip, and was wondering, is there a bug problem there? If so, what kind of bugs? When do they come out? I'm going to land in Managua but be in Jinotega and the jungle areas mostly, so I'd appreciate more information on those areas. The thing is, bugs just seem to like my blood...fleas, mosquitos, spiders...even if I'm in a group of people I'M the ONLY one that gets bitten. My skin scars easily too, and I'm allergic to a bunch of insects so I'm kind of scared. Any information would be really helpful, as well as tips on what to do to keep them from biting me....of course I'll wear insect repellant...but what about other things? is there something I can eat..drink? wear? please reply ASAP! THANK YOU!!!

Rules on coming to another country

In my travels I have come up with some basic rules that work well for me. I thought I would pass these along with the hope that these simple rules will assist other travelers.

Rule #1 DON'T BRING YOUR BAGGAGE. Leave all your personal problems behind you. That is what you want to get away from. Remember for every second you spend in your past you are taking away one second from your future. Rule #2 BE PATIENT. You are leaving the the fast pace and so why be in a hurry? Stop and enjoy the roses.

If you had to leave Nicaragua . . .

If you had to leave Nicaragua for three months of the year . . . which three would you choose? I'm thinking that July, August and September would be the best time to return to Canada if we were living in Granada. Am I right?

On another matter has anyone seen the use of solar or wind projects in residential situations in Nicaragua?

Im loving it.

Hi everybody. Its the 1st of October here in Managua, and everywhere too. Ha-ha. Sorry if my posts are a little messy, I am seriously trying to get used to this keyboard. My trip was fine and I have been running constant errands. I have already entered as double citizen, and have managed to already submit my cedula application.

Im really loving it here. I only am not so used to so many cars. Well I live on the same street of Bello Horizonte where the Rotonda lies. You know by Payless, Sueños de Luna, Rostipollos ....

Solo Gringas?

On the verge of retirement, & envision myself in a country home outside of Rivas or San Jorge. Noticed there was a shortage of "solo Gringas" about. Too adventuresome? tako

New Teacher

I am moving to Managua this summer to teach at the Colegio Americano and I am trying to figure out the best way to get my stuff there. I have tons of books and materials and a computer to bring in. I also have very little money. Any ideas on transportation there? I don't mind biking, but I am not sure I want to depend on a bike during the rainy season. Dan Plemons

moving to Nicaragua

My wife and I are retired and are thinking of living in Nicaragua. My questions and concerns are: How much per month income does one need to live on? What area should we look at? Is Safety a Concern? We don't want to live in a Large city. Hows transportation? We truly would appreciate any help anyone can give us.

Thanks so much

Can anyone guess or know or how to find out

How many ex-pats are in Nicaragau. How many North American and or other foreign visitors live Nicaragua not including Central America. How many people would be exstimated at being english speaking people.

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