Hard To Believe

The Huff Post would say anything negative about a fellow traveler, but here it is:

The Real Nicaragua also has an interesting thread about the inability of BanPro to meet their obligations. The poster relates how he is unable to remove his funds even though they show in his account.

Moving large sums of money is getting more problematic. Keeping large sums around is also an invitation to disaster.

Nice To Be

back in Nicaragua as US moves toward 3rd world status:

More opportunity now in Nicaragua for someone who wants to work and invest, as opposed to suck the government teat. Little incentive to invest in the US, what you do earn will just be taken away and given to druggies and slackers.

International Man on Nicaragua

There is an article about Nicaragua in International Man. International Man is a project of Doug Casey and tends to focus on the financial side of internationalization.

The article, titled Ahead of the herd: Nicaragua's enormous potential is written by a person who traveled to 40 countries in nice months and decided Nicaragua was his favorite destination.

What would it cost YOU to live in Nicaragua? has been an interesting thread about why retire in L.A. As is typical, cost of living comes up with a typical array of opinions. I would like to assert that attitude and experience have a lot to do with the answer.

The safety of plastic food containers

In Nicaragua and the region as a whole, food and water in plastic containers are the norm. I just read an article talking about issues with such containers.

The article paints a pretty scary picture of the use of plastic containers. What I see in Nicaragua makes is a bit scarier. For example

  • Non-food grade containers (which has included old antifreeze jugs) used for drinking water.

Lake Apoyo, Liberia, Cooperativas

and the adventure continues.

I successfully got my car through the (rigorous) CR inspection process. A Spanish company called Riteve has the contract and it consists of a series of tests, emissions, shocks, brakes, an inspection for fluid leaks, all computerized in an efficient, continuous process.

With my document attesting "FAVORABLE" I headed to the Registro which is housed with the Bank of Costa Rica in Liberia. Unfortunately, it's closed on Saturday . . .so I was here for another weekend.


Time is getting short for me. I will arrive in Managua on August 20th for a few weeks visit. I have arranged to meet with Paul Tiffer to find out the "ley of the land" and then will travel around. I expect to be in Leon on the 21st until the 24th when I will travel up to Estelí for two weeks of Spanish at CENAC. I plan to visit Granada on the weekend between Spanish classes.

Earthquakes: US West Coast vs. Central America

Before escaping to Central America, I mostly lived on the US west coast -- primarily in Los Angeles and Seattle. I was no stranger to earthquakes but Central America seems to get a much bigger number. This article may help put that in perspective.

English Language Emergency Number

So this doesn't get lost in the discussion elsewhere:

From the US Embassy Newsletter:

Madruo IS The Man

but by a razor thin margin,, much closer than I (and I suspect most others) were expecting. I thought that there would be a small handful of points difference.

: "". . ..However, the New York Times reported that Maduro’s victory could see repairs made to the fractured relationship between Venezuela and the United States.

Pro Nicaragua Video: your Next Investment Destination

Another nice video from the folks at ProNicaragua, approximately 8 minutes.

Tax holidays in Nicaragua

When I first moved to Nicaragua there were two days each year where no VAT was required on purchases.

This was particularly helpful if one had to buy big ticket items like TVs, appliances, etc.

Does anyone remember what those days are called and when they occur?

Ready For Prime Time ?

Nicaragua clearly has a big future as a retirement destination for Usanos seeking a warm and less-expensive place to retire.

Many are already here, more come regularly, but the huge swell of ex-pats, from the US AND Euro countries that Costa Rica saw a few years back has eluded Nicaragua. Many things have changed recently:

The government is stable. We have Mr Ortega for another 5 years.

Infrastructure continues to be improved. Roads are being paved, electrical service is pushing further and further into the campo.

Information about living in Nicaragua

Pres-Hello- does anyone have information on rental prices in leon for a 2 bedroom apartment with furniture and air conditioning? I am in the very LOW income bracket, or does anyone know where to live in Nicaragua where there is a cooler climate?And any rental information about the cooler climate area or town? What areas are safe to live in nicaragua? I know that living in Managua is VERY DANGEROUS for sure. I just joined this site - Thank you to whomever is kind enough to take Their precious time to reply to me.

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