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Scientists say Canal would destroy environment

Article in Nature by co-authored by Jorge Huete-Pérez, president of the Nicaraguan Academy of Sciences, calling for an urgent environmental assessment by a body that is independent of the Nicaraguan government:

" In preparation for a future of climate change, food insecurity and biodiversity loss, Nicaragua must establish long-term measures for the protection of its environment, not sacrifice itself to speculators."



I was just reading with great interest about the volcano, Chaparrastique, that erupted in El Salvador's San Miguel region yesterday. From the article I read people within 3 kilometers were evacuated and most of the land affected was coffee fincas. Although any eruption is a huge event this one does not seem to be of catastrophic proportions. I would think that the most damage outside the 3 kilometer area would be ash. I also think that Honduras rather than San Salvador, the capital will have to contend with most off the ash produced.

Patiently Waiting

for that promised Global Warming to kick in, every year it seems to get colder, earlier.

I had a pipe burst this afternoon,, highly unusual for California, this time of year. It doesn't usually get bitterly cold until after the first of the year.

Al's basking in his 10K Sq Ft Malibu mansion with it's enormous carbon footprint (year, yeah, I know, he planted some trees). I'm going to have to provide freeze protection for my pipes -- for the first time ever.

Even Nicaragua seemed cooler this year than last ??

Latest Earthquake

We just got a call yesterday from the MIL about the latest earthquake. I believe she said the quake was a 5 or 6. A bell was shaken loose from a church in Leon, but otherwise no one was hurt. It seems to be just part of what's expected.

The SIL was going to build a 2nd floor on her house in Managua (out in the suburbs) but may have some 2nd thoughts now.

more about bees

Neonicotinoids are a class of pesticide including clothianidin and thiamithoxam. The US( EPA ) seems to be taking the same approach to this as it did to global warming several years ago. Clothianidin was approved by the EPA in 2003 against the warnings of its own scientists Although it hasn't reached the nation as a "hot topic" yet, there has been reaction from the scientific community for several years/

Charles Slane

it appears to be 20 years over

so says the following article! reminds me of a song, "losing my religion!" btw, the devil made me post this:


Global Warming Continues

to get out of hand. I've been freezing my Tukis off this winter too, as Al basks in his low-carbon-footprint 10K SqFt Malibu mansion.


Al supposedly has more money now than Mitt Romney, all earned from his Chicken Little efforts (with a few bucks thrown in from the Nobel Prize people.

PT Barnum is beaming with pride -where ever he might be.

Global Warming and Volcanos

The recent volcanic excitement in Nicaragua has got me thinking about something I read some time ago about volcanos and global warming. It was not the usual volcanos spew CO2 thus increasing global warming message.

The article had two specific points:

  1. Volcanic eruptions increase when the planet heats up.
  2. The eruptions decrease, rather than increase, temperatures.

Bolivia -- Our Canary for Climate Change?

Some people continue to deny climate change. While those numbers are decreasing, many just don't want to hear what is obviously bad news. The most common way we deny that such a thing is happening is by picking some statistics that show, in a particular place on the planet, everything is "functioning within normal parameters". (An expression of Lt. Commander Data of ST:TNG.)

Composting Toilet Breakthrough


I can vouch for the quality of the Toto product; they were into water saving toilets -- that actually flushed -- early on.

This seems like a logical solution to all that wasted time spent commuting.


The house was swaying pretty strong here in Jinotepe around 9:45 this morning. I have been waiting on USGS to post something but the only thing that shows up is a 4.2 up around Puerto Rico. I don't think we would feel that here. Anyone else have some data?

Preserving Biodiversity in Latin America

This is from the IADB website and was produced for an upcoming Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. It's almost 5 minutes of amazing wildlife cinematography.

Lakes, pollution, and clean up

My question about fishing in Lake Managua led to some discussion on pollution. This is a good article I found, from 2009, shortly after the new waste water treatment plant was inaugurated. Cleaning Up World's Biggest Toilet

Recycling glass bottles

I live in Jinotepe and have several dozen empty Flor De Cana bottles I would like to recycle. No place in town will take them with the promise they will not end up in the landfill. Does anyone know a place in Carazo of Managua I can take them?

WeatherSpark: Weather data visualization

WeatherSpark: http://weatherspark.com/

WeatherSpark is a website that has changed how I look at the weather. Like most other weather sites it provides a local forecast based on a variety of data sources including NOAA (there are international data sources for those outside the US). Unlike some other sites, like Weather Underground or Weather.com, WeatherSpark is built on the idea that the user should control what data is displayed using either real-time data or historical trends.

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