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May 13, 2014 - Nicaragua seeks to de-dollarize economy
Nicaragua, one of the most unofficially dollarized economies in Latin America, is asking the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for help to strengthen its currency.

Lawyer recommendation in Leon?

Can anyone recommend a lawyer in Leon, for advice on property / family business. Ideally speaking some English.

no 1 got hurt but had a fender bender with a

was heading in to plaza the lower entrance..there are always a bunch of buses there..going around the enter..the bus took off..and caught be in the rear fender..behind the insurence company seguros america[bac] said it was his fault..will see..have a hearing on dec 26 8am..will take my wife with me..she is a lawyer..but i will do the talking..being a know all gringo..i think i know more than her..will let u all the legal system works for gringos..ohh..had my cell phone with a camara in it..and took a lot of pics..always take pics..if u are in a accid

Pensioner status and business

I’ve never got it straight in my mind whether someone who lives here on a pensioner or rentista residency visa is allowed to go into business.

Some people have told me that it is not allowed at all. Others say a pensioner resident can own a business but not operate it. Yet others say that a pensioner resident can operate it in the sense of supervising the staff but beyond that, not do any other actual type of work (such as mop floors).

The law says ... vs. how it works

There are at least two current threads where the title of this post fits and certainly many more in the history of NL. For site old timers, they know this but for newcomers, what I am about to say should be useful and possibly very important.

An Honest Lawyer

And competent as well. I've posted about Karla before and at least one NicaLiving member has subsequently used her.

I had a need for a large sum of money recently, relatively quickly, and she agreed to allow me to transfer it to her account.

We had to pull it out over a couple of days, as the sum was large, and Nica taxes a single large withdrawal over a certain amount ?? with a 10% tax ?? -truly odd, but there it is.

English versions of MITRAB publications?

Still in the process of getting a few businesses going, I have been referring more and more to the actual laws and official publications rather than English language summaries that usually provide good information but often just highlight certain parts of a law and don't really get into the details of enforcement, different agencies involved etc.

Tourism visas: Is there a 72-hour rule?

It has always been my understanding that people who leave Nicaragua because their tourist visas are expiring must stay out for 72 hours before returning.

However, last week I met with a Nicaraguan immigration lawyer who insisted that it was perfectly legal to cross into Costa Rica and return on the same day.

The lawyer I spoke to is highly regarded in his field and teaches immigration law at a law school here.

Nonetheless, on the weekend I spoke to a foreigner who said that border officials recently told him that he was not allowed to re-enter Nicaragua for 72 hours.

Could You Repeat

the question please ?

He's in a better place . . .a better place for both him and the people of Venezuela .. :)

There are three parts, but the above is the best . . .

Doing Business In Nicaragua

Click on the plus in the upper right to change the topic. Employment regulations, Incorporation, Property registration, other topics covered briefly.

In Nicaragua, Teonoste land conflict still unresolved | Nicaragua Dispatch

Walter Bühler says the government has been trying to take his land for the past six months

By Tim Rogers/ Nicaragua Dispatch August 30, 2012

More than six months after denouncing the Nicaraguan government for attempting to occupy part of their sprawling beachfront property in Tola, Walter Bühler, owner of the Punta Teonoste eco-hotel, claims his problem with the Sandinista administration has not yet been resolved.

buying property

i am looking for some help to possibly solve a real estate deal i have been involved in. i feel like im gettin the standard horror story sequence when it comes to actually registering my purchase. i started my buy in may of 2005. any one out there with some advice or recommend a trust-worthy lawyer (lol.)

thanks in advance


Gringos Dealing with The Nicaraguan Legal System

This post is inspired by the current poll about whether you have faith in the Nicaraguan judicial system. It's pretty clear that legal systems everything tend to be more fair for certain groups. No surprise that this same situation exists here. My specific subject is, however, about Gringos dealing with the legal system.

180-day tourism visa rule

I have heard from at least one usually reliable person that there is a law on the books which is not currently enforced that restricts tourists to a total of 180 days per year in Nicaragua.

I've asked three different migracion officials about it and all say they have never heard about it, and of course we all know lots of people who habitually stay in Nicaragua on tourism visas for longer than 180 days per year without being hassled. But these facts by themselves do not mean the law is not not on the books.

Lawyer in Esteli?

I am the new country director of an already registered NGO called Buildon. We construct primary schools in rural communities in the northern departments of Nicaragua. Due to the change from the prior country director, we are experiencing issues with legal representation. Can anyone recommend a good, trustworthy lawyer in Esteli?

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