AWESOME biz op!!!

Like many ex-pats living in Nicalandia, I am somewhat concerned about the resurgence of Danny Boy **ortega (he who must be respected on this site). WTF if he wins the election? Short of "glassing the place" (kudos to John Wayne), what is a poor dumb gringo to do?

Econergy Wins Bid for 49.5 MW Wind Energy Project in Costa Rica

This new project will be set in Guanacaste Province.

Where are the similar projects for Nicaragua?

Helping Nicaragua (and all of the developing world) one cup at a time . . .

I just thought I poke people to see if they are supporting Nicaragua and the developing world by drinking coffees that are fair trade, organic and or shade grown. It's about the easiest thing any of us can do and if you're drinking Folgers, Max, Nestle or Sara Lee, shame, shame, shame . . . I'm doing conversions here and it's not all that suprising I suppose, how little knowledge there is of where our food comes from and whether it's actually too cheap.

Coffee Bean Cooperative

Does anyone have any connections in the coffee business. I'd rather deal with a coop than a dealer. I'd like the money to stay with the farmers. I'm trying to figure out the logistics of getting beans into Canada.

do anyone of u have ideas for...

Hello Guys!

I have these couple questions that me and a couple friends have been discussing and lately with a friend of mine that wants to come and see what we can do,please PM me if necessary.

All the ideas u can give would be very well received!


Los mejores Wishes


this may be way out there, but here goes....

with the proliferation of garbage in Nica, plastic bags stuck on trees and roadside bushes, plastic bottles, all kinds of things thrown out, and defiling an otherwise lovely landscape, how about recycling centers?

Looking to network with folks in agicultral and ecotourism

Hi folks. I am planning a trip to Nicaragua in preparation for a permanent move. It's been in the planning stages for 10 years and my how time flys. I visited Nicaragua my first time in the summer of 1983 as a college student studying Spanish and living with a Sandinista host family.

A Nearshore Niche in Nicaragua

Click for Link

Excellent and very positive article about Nicaragua, specifically the new call centers that are coming online soon. Recommended!

Low Tech Export Business?.....

I saw a very interesting news story on FOX yesterday, there are 25 farms in El Salvador growing iguanas for export to the US, to the tune of 500,000 a year! There is a tremendous market here in pet stores.


I've been researching and this program seems to be primarily directed at groups of women. Here's what I've found and any additional info would be appreciated . A group of 15 women are loaned money (the amount seems to be around $300).


Will it work? How much to run an operation like that? Any comments would be great. It seems no matter where I have been in th eworld there is always an Irish Bar for people to dine/drink at.

What can I do to expand myself to a new Business Horizon????

I have a small business wich allows me to work on my own time, also get paid weekly and most of the time very well, but the thing is I need another contact to work with. I work with a contact in Miami, I do telemarketing for them, along with 4 team members more, we work individually therefore we get paid by production, is not that bad, but I would like to see if I could be contacted by someone also in the states to see if we could work for them too.

Business Idea: Gringo Guides

I thought of this yesterday and bounced it off Ana. It makes sense to her. In fact, she might do it. So, here goes.

You set up "Gringo Guides". The quick summary is that it is an escort service but in the real sense--not the "rent a woman" kind. That is, you hook up Gringos visiting an area with a local person to show them around.


I somewhat accidentally tripped on a "private currency" idea called RipplePay. You can read about it here. This will look very "foreign" to anyone who has not thought about community currency systems such as a LETS. But, I think it has some potential.

micro brews

while reading elnido's beer post, i asked my self....are there any micro breweries in nica? i remember "EL ESTABLO", but that is long gone.

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