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New NL Evolution

I just completed the first step on the NL site evolution project. There is now a totally empty except for user names site up at Let me explain what I did, what I am doing and why.

What I did

The starting point for anything is the membership. Once it is moved then blogs, galleries and such can be moved. Each subsequent piece will have assorted issues but they all require users to attach the content to. Thus, the membership.

Political views

In the "Why can't we just get along" thread, the idea that "political views = fight" was brought up. The new Mozilla CEO has been attacked because he is anti-gay marriage. The fight goes on but I just read a blog entry that seems to address this in a sane way.

If you feel compelled to start a fight because you disagree with someone's view, I suggest your read Marco's blog post

Site redesign ideas

This is an answer to Susan's question about forums in the "Why can't we get along" site along with a lot more about the ideas behind it. First, the screenshot so I have something to talk about.

Why can't we get along?

1st Capt. Ron raised the subject in another post. It was basically "why can't we get along?" While there have always been disagreements, I agree with him that personal attacks have become the norm sprinkled with totally off-topic posts. I don't think we were "friendlier" five years ago but I do think the totally off-topic BS was less of the total content.

Security Warning for Apple users

This has nothing to do with Nicaragua/NL but I decided it is worth putting here because it needs to be publicized as much as possible.

There is a security bug in some Apple software that leaves you exposed even if you think you have a secure connection (to somewhere, such as your bank). The good news is that someone has constructed a trivial test to see if you are vulnerable.

Making NL (more) useful

This post is inspired by the somewhat typical "I know more than you" type of discussions we have regularly. I want to, once again, point out how to make NL more useful for everyone.

To start with, posting this in the Site Info forum rather than adding it where a pissing content is going on means at least a few less off-topic posts there. That is a good thing.

Use caution when reading forum topics on

Electronic communication is a great thing. It has made our lives much easier and enabled us to communicate at almost light speed (depending on network lag). There is a big problem with e-communication, however. Somewhere in the mix there are at least two humans who are writing\reading the messages. People tend to read emotion into the reader\writer when reading\writing the communique. I do this from time to time, but I use to do it a lot. I would ask myself if this guy is being serious, funny, sarcastic, or is he just a jerk?

See that little Contribute block?

It's been there all along but I just moved it back up to the top of the right column. Why? Because we get to pay for another year of hosting in April. Is NL making money? No and it was not intended to.

But, it would be nice if it only cost time, not time and money to keep the site running. Contribute now, avoid the rush.

Where is "My Inbox"

I want to post a Private Message. The instructions say go "My Inbox" on the right side after you log in. I logged in but I don't see My Inbox. So how do I post a private message?

WWW is 22 years old today

On 12 November 1990, Tim Berners-Lee proposed what we know today as the World Wide Web. While that proposal had nothing to do with Nicaragua or, well, anywhere specific, it is what created a Cyberspace that makes sites such as NicaLiving possible.

The original proposal can be read on the web site. If anything stands out it is that it was a small project. The result, of course, has been huge.

AdSense Ads

I am talking about the advertising block in the right sidebar (column). We don't pick them -- they are automatically supplied by Google based on the page content. They are pretty much the only thing that pays for the site hosting.

Revenue is less than exciting but I have also seen a change in the ads that appear there. While we used to have more small (primarily text) ads, recently it has been more like one big ad from some relatively big company. At the same time, revenue has dropped.

Comment Order

In one of the thread there was mention that "comments were displayed in the wrong order". Let me clarify how comment ordering works.

You can select how comments are displayed. First, there is an option that just sets the way posts are related. Options include:

  • Thread list - expanded -- (I believe that is the default.) What you see are the complete comments with replies to a specific comment indented below it.
  • Threaded list - collapsed -- Like the above but you only see the comment titles and need to click on them to see the actual comment.

NicaLiving Status/Future

We appear to be alive and well on the new hosting. I have opened up comments here so you can post about any problem you see with the site. I am not looking for enhancements or just changes as this point but want to make sure we address things that are currently broken.

If it is a real issue, it will be added to a list on and addressed.

The Future of NicaLiving

After our meltdown of a week ago, I have decided to get cracking on a better NicaLiving. We started talking about this a couple of years ago but there was never the perfect answer. Well, there still isn't but, at this point, it is clear we need to just pick something close and move forward.

Internet Censorship Bill

The US Congress is currently debating a new Internet censorship bill.This bill would effectively move copyright enforcement from the courts to the Congress. Some of you may remember that NicaLiving was a victim of an over-zealous enforcement of the DMCA a few years ago. We have since moved to a hosting company who doesn't treat its customers as criminals who only have 24 hours to prove they are innocent but this bill would move that decision from the company to the government.

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