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NicaLiving is moving to

After a few mis-steps, I have decided to incorporate NL into A42. This post offers the details. If you have comments, please post them there.

As there have been service interruptions on various sites I have placed a status page on (a site that has already been moved and should be stable) to keep you informed.

A42 redirects

While NL will have redirects to specific places on the A42 site (that is, even after the current Drupal site is retired), I recognized the need for redirects within the site itself. When I was working with Paul Tiffer to get some information moved/new information posted he asked me for the URL. Basically, I was embarassed because it was so long. I was sure the redirect ability existed but couldn't find it last Friday. Today, I did.

Here are the first two I added as a test:

News sources

There is a growing list of news sources at Not FOX, ABC, CNN, ... but stuff many may not know exist. I would like to encourage people to contribute to the list.

Status of the move to A42

The short version is "it's happening", slowly. Why slowly? Because you (plural) aren't helping. Let me offer some NicaLiving history.

NL is over 10 years old. It started as a personal experiment -- mostly me talking to myself. It attracted interest because there was new content about Nicaragua. Much of that content and the moderation/organization of the content came from a small group of people (including myself) who volunteered their time. If you have been around here for a few years you know who they are.

Granada photos moved to A42

The photos from the Department/Granada photo gallery have been moved to A42. The move is described in a blog entry.

New forums added

I have added a new forum called Regional to A42 with, so far, sub-forums for CA-4, Central America and The Americas. While the Where? section was initially set up for only country-specific items it is clear that there needs to be a place for regional information as well.

Moving day

Today NL (and some other sites) are moving to a different server. This is a short move so I expect minimal problems. It is simply moving from one server at DreamHost to another. Thus a problem is likely to be a temporary DNS lookup issue.

A42 email issues

Update: OK, I now claim it is "really fixed". The email should come from and there is now an SPF record for A42. I will bow three times to the east. Let me know if you encounter any problems.


Due to the "server disaster" which required to scramble for a new home, there has been an email issue on the site. (Thanks Doug -- while your message confused me I did some testing and figured out what was happening.)


I just changed us (back) to Google search from the built-in search. There are two reasons for this:

  1. I want an "on-site" search to search both NicaLiving and A42. This is the only practical way to do that.
  2. About half the database table space for NL is search information. I am attempting to get the database down to a more reasonable size and decrease database queries.

The one thing I am not sure I like is that the search results replaces the current window or tab. I can change that but I figured I might as well wait for all the complaints. :-)

Any volunteers?

There are thousands of photos that need to be moved to Nothing magic, just grunt work. I have created the top-level galleries at (and some others) and copied over some photos. There are lots of other things that need to be done but the photos seem important and easy.

New NL Evolution

I just completed the first step on the NL site evolution project. There is now a totally empty except for user names site up at Let me explain what I did, what I am doing and why.

What I did

The starting point for anything is the membership. Once it is moved then blogs, galleries and such can be moved. Each subsequent piece will have assorted issues but they all require users to attach the content to. Thus, the membership.

Political views

In the "Why can't we just get along" thread, the idea that "political views = fight" was brought up. The new Mozilla CEO has been attacked because he is anti-gay marriage. The fight goes on but I just read a blog entry that seems to address this in a sane way.

If you feel compelled to start a fight because you disagree with someone's view, I suggest your read Marco's blog post

Site redesign ideas

This is an answer to Susan's question about forums in the "Why can't we get along" site along with a lot more about the ideas behind it. First, the screenshot so I have something to talk about.

Why can't we get along?

1st Capt. Ron raised the subject in another post. It was basically "why can't we get along?" While there have always been disagreements, I agree with him that personal attacks have become the norm sprinkled with totally off-topic posts. I don't think we were "friendlier" five years ago but I do think the totally off-topic BS was less of the total content.

Security Warning for Apple users

This has nothing to do with Nicaragua/NL but I decided it is worth putting here because it needs to be publicized as much as possible.

There is a security bug in some Apple software that leaves you exposed even if you think you have a secure connection (to somewhere, such as your bank). The good news is that someone has constructed a trivial test to see if you are vulnerable.

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