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Windowfarms and Nicaragua

Yesterday I tripped on what I will call a yuppie idea called Windowfarms. The existing business model is not going to translate to the general population of Nicaragua but it seems like a localized alternative could.

community gardening

I've been here for 3 months now in the Granada area. (I have visited 7 times in the last three years before moving from NJ). I live in a Nica neighborborhood and find the experience pretty good. However/ and I've heard it many times/ it drives me nuts that the idea of a beautiful yard here is to sweep the dust daily. Horrible erosion and unless you prefer the cafe color of the soil/ no color. Is anyone out there/ I know you have to be there somewhere! who is involved in or has attempted community gardening?

Seasonal Nursery Plants - Masaya

I'll be heading back down to Nica in mid-January with the wife and kids and staying with family in Managua and Leon/Las Penitas. Really excited about the trip and the girls can't wait to see their primas/primos.

The SIL has sent pictures of the ornamental plants at our house, and they are coming along very well, but there are a few bare spots in the landscape design.

Chia seeds are the ultimate survival food for long-term storage

never heard of them..only the little clay things..u grow them on..i think thats what there called. Why chia seeds are the perfect storable survival food

1) Nutrition: Chia seeds are a very high source of omega-3s, which are linked to a wide variety of health benefits. They also contain magnesium, amino acids and a healthy assortment of minerals. They're almost like tiny vitamins.

melothria dulcis (ococa)

I saw a picture of this flash by on the Random Image section of NL. It`s a fruit that looks like yellow maracuya but is of a different family.

Recently somebody from east europe emailed me looking for the same plant. MOBOT lists it for the far south of the costa atlantica, so I suspect it`s a hot-sticky tropical.

How to repel iguanas and lizards?

I'm pretty sure they are the culprits who are eating my seedlings. I have tried neem oil and it doesn't work. I won't keep a dog and I'm not about to build little fences throughout the entire area.

Has anyone tried anything that works?

Using cipermetrino

Can someone give me advice on how to use cypermethrin in a small garden? I would like to apply it to knock out some nasties in my strawberries that aren't responding to organic controls, and finish off tiny biting black ants that aren't taking the borax bait I put out for them.

I don't trust the advice I'm getting from the garden centers here, and the info on the internet is contradictory.

For the berries, how many millimeters should add to a litre of water as a foliar spray? And what method should I use to kill the ant nests?

Rainy season gardening

What edible plants and herbs do you think would do ok in my garden during the rainy season? I'm in the interior of Carazo where it rains buckets, and have a small backyard in which only half of the soil gets much sun, so need suggestions for plants that would be shade-tolerant as well as the regulars such as tomatoes and chiltomas. Do quequisque and malanga need a lot of sun?

I should add that the local viveros have not been much help. Their main suggestions are rice and beans.

here one i thought was interesting..wish i could get them to do something like this up at the farm

What plants are considered invasive in Nica?

Hi All,

I had my landscape design all planned out from the week before I came to Nica, and ground-proofed it once on-site. With that done I was ready to get the plant material to fill in the necessary forms, textures, and colors that will enhance the families enjoyment together inside the comforting embrace of the high security walls.

Las Penitas (Leon Dept) Plants, Nurseries, and Traditional Nica Landscape Design

Hi Everyone or Hola! I'm new to these forums. I don't live in Nica, but my wife is from there. We frequently visit Nica mainly staying with family in Managua and Leon... really have not had time do much tourist stuff like visit Grenada or any of the other volcanoes other than Masaya. Did visit flea market in Managua - the safe one and of course toured downtown. Recently we developed some family controlled land in Las Penitas. Got a chance to learn about Nica law and indigenous population relations and about Nica construction/contracting.

Time to buy seeds?

I prefer to buy locally but finding organic, non-GMO seeds here is not exactly the norm. The good news is that many seed vendors in the US are ready to dump their 2011 stock just in time for people in Nicaragua to stock up on seed to use in a few months.

I just purchases a grab bag from Sustainable Seed Company. No vested interest in them other than I have bought from them before and they send you what you ask for, quickly and, unlike all so many vendors, they will ship to Nicaragua at normal post office prices.

Gardening at CoolTop

While people most of in Gringolandia have their gardens planted and people in Canada are probably starting to plant, I wanted to offer a report from the mountains in Nicaragua. Specifically, at CoolTop, just south of La Garnacha in the Tisey Reserve near Estelí.

Picture Guide to Mayan Plants

For those of us who have never heard of a matazano, I offer the following picture guide to Mayan plants. It says the Matazano is a Zapote, which doesn't help, but it does show a nice photo of it and many other fruits and vegetables:



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no more roses

a passion of mine for over 20 years has been growing roses on vancouver island. my shack had over 200 varieties before i pulled the pin. for 2 years i tried unsuccessfully to grow hybrids, florabundas and other varieties recommended for the area i lived in mexico. i want to pursue orchads and maybe lillies. have seen some knockout gardens on the road from las salinas to rivas i would like to duplicate on a smaller scale. does anyone have suggestions on some easy varieties to start with or pertinant advice? thanks, K

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