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More of the GMO game

Costa Rica and Pot

Initially rumors but now a bill to legalize medical use and, as is what is really needed, do some research.

Guatemala driver's license

Should you need to get a driver's license in the region (and possibly have a dirty driving record) tells you how to do it in Guatemala.

El Savador farmers win over Monsanto

The US government tried to force GMO products on El Salvador but the farmers united to defeat the plan. Details on both the plan and the success of the farmers at

Why Repression Continues in Honduras

That's the title of the article but there is a lot of Nicaragua information in it as it compares Honduras to Nicaragua to see how their histories diverged and why.

Democracy for Monsanto

How the US is telling El Salvador that Monsanto has more international rights than their own government. on A42.

Solís more open to Pérez proposal to de-militarize the drug war

While the Chinchilla administration seemed more open than Ortega on the idea, nothing happened. Now there actually might be progress.

ZunZuneo's Nicaragua connection

There has been a lot of discussion about the "Cuban Twitter" project of USAID. Alan Gross even cited it as the reason for his (now ended) hunger strike. Unfortunately, most of the news has been in the form of politics. That is, people supporting intervention in Cuba and those against said intervention.

Alan Gross on hunger strike

The recent revelation of the creative USAID "Cuban Twitter" project has inspired Alan Gross to go on a hunger strike. He is, of course, a victim of yet another USAID plan to bring democracy to Cuba.

An article in the BBC tells the story.

This week in Venezuela

This week a group of foreign ministers are meeting in Venezuela, about working toward peace in Venezuela. I believe they are meeting among themselves and tomorrow they add more players.

Here is the tweet from the foreign minister of Ecaudor:

Ricardo Patiño Aroca ‏@RicardoPatinoEC 5m

Nueve cancilleres de UNASUR participan en diálogo de paz en Venezuela. ARG, BOL, BRA, COL, CHI, ECU, Suriname, URU, VEN.

Possibly the most significant -- because of close trade ties but distant political positions -- is that the FM of Colombia is there.

Venezuela's floating exchange rate

Venezuela has initiated a floating exchange rate to try to curb inflation. Truth-Out transcript of an interview talks about it. (The video is also there.)

ideological warfare

The headline, "US secretly created 'Cuban Twitter' to stir unrest" of a rather complete article by AP,

US AID, the guilty party, is promoting what they believe to be a fundamental right of every citizen, namely 'free speech', including the freedom to criticize their government without penalty. They sure took a sneaky (clever) route to get to the Cubans.

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