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ZunZuneo's Nicaragua connection

There has been a lot of discussion about the "Cuban Twitter" project of USAID. Alan Gross even cited it as the reason for his (now ended) hunger strike. Unfortunately, most of the news has been in the form of politics. That is, people supporting intervention in Cuba and those against said intervention.

Alan Gross on hunger strike

The recent revelation of the creative USAID "Cuban Twitter" project has inspired Alan Gross to go on a hunger strike. He is, of course, a victim of yet another USAID plan to bring democracy to Cuba.

An article in the BBC tells the story.

This week in Venezuela

This week a group of foreign ministers are meeting in Venezuela, about working toward peace in Venezuela. I believe they are meeting among themselves and tomorrow they add more players.

Here is the tweet from the foreign minister of Ecaudor:

Ricardo Patiño Aroca ‏@RicardoPatinoEC 5m

Nueve cancilleres de UNASUR participan en diálogo de paz en Venezuela. ARG, BOL, BRA, COL, CHI, ECU, Suriname, URU, VEN.

Possibly the most significant -- because of close trade ties but distant political positions -- is that the FM of Colombia is there.

Venezuela's floating exchange rate

Venezuela has initiated a floating exchange rate to try to curb inflation. Truth-Out transcript of an interview talks about it. (The video is also there.)

ideological warfare

The headline, "US secretly created 'Cuban Twitter' to stir unrest" of a rather complete article by AP,

US AID, the guilty party, is promoting what they believe to be a fundamental right of every citizen, namely 'free speech', including the freedom to criticize their government without penalty. They sure took a sneaky (clever) route to get to the Cubans.

Perez continues drug legalization rhetoric

Starting shortly after Otto Perez Molina took office as president of Guatemala in 2012, he broke with the US drug war suggesting that Guatemala should legalize drugs. He is not pro-drug, just anti-crime. I previously posted info on what he sees as the real cost to Guatemala of drug addiction in (mostly) countries north of Guatemala.

Venezuela issues grocery ID cards

In this micromanaged economy, a move to prevent people from buying excess food at subsidized prices to then resell at a handsome profit.

"Critics say it’s another sign the oil-rich Venezuelan economy is headed toward Cuba-style dysfunction." WashPost-AP, 4/1/14

Plus: "Forget rent control: Property owners in Venezuela are being squeezed by a new law requiring them to sell to longtime tenants." WashPost-AP, 3/31/14

They have 60 days to come up with a 'fair price' or face fines of more than $40.000.

Venezuela: When Some of the Most Important News Comes in the Form of Corrections

That's the title of an article in Truth-Out. It is particularly critical of reporting on behalf of the New York Times.

It shows some of those corrections. For example,


Armed thugs. Motorcycle gangs. Their defense of Chavismo - la revolución bolivariana - involved disrupting peaceful opposition rallies with threats of violence. They and other 'colectivos chavistas' are the reason the death toll of the current nationwide demonstrations against the government of Venezuela keeps climbing. The police, the National Guard look the other way when these armed, black-masked hooligans show up.


More Anti-narco cooperation in the region

The Enhanced Cooperation Agreement to Fight Organized Crime in Central America and the Dominican Republic was signed a year ago. The result (starting this year) has been meetings every two weeks at the Justice Training Center for Central America and the Caribbean in Costa Rica to implement actions against narco-trafficking organizations and organized crime.

Meanwhile, Venezuela continues bursting at the seams

Its citizens appear to be killing each other in open, class warfare. But let's put that in perspective. To wit:

Wiki (21 Mar 2014): "Venezuela is among the most violent places on Earth. In Venezuela, a person is murdered every 21 minutes. Crimes have been so prevalent in Venezuela that the government no longer produces crime data." How long has this criminal free-for-all been going on? What's the idea behind allowing it?

Air Canada is fascist ?

The airline of the Great White North, obviously under orders of The Imperialists and the fascists waging economic war against $ucialismo XXI, suspended their 3x weekly flights between Taranna and Caracas.

Perhaps someone could explain to Maburro, in words of less than two syllables, that junk government bonds are not equivalent to hard currency?

Will the continued Chavista revolution ...

...under Maduro with Cuban 'advisors' achieve the neo-socialist ideal: a classless society, all equally poor?

More friends in the neighborhood

Rafael Correa's tweet tells us what just happened in El Salvador:

Rafael Correa ‏@MashiRafael 30m

Terminaron escrutinios en El Salvador. FMLN vencedor.
Felicitaciones al presidente electo, compañero
Salvador Sánchez. Un abrazo al bravo...

Or, we have how Bloomberg put it:

Russia and Costa Rica "humor"

Russia in planning to expand its military presence into other areas including Latin America. As bad as this may sound, it is certainly not unique to Russia.

First, Merco Press has an article about Russia's plans:

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