Of Lakes and Volcanoes

Today I read on La Prensa an interview of Dr. Oscar Rene Vargas.They talked of almost all the pressing issues that Nicaragua has faced and is facing presently; The importance of investing on education from top to bottom, inside and out. The interview is light but I think his answers are insightful.The problem with the so called opposition and leaders that won't allow anyone to think different. When asked Does every nation has the government it deserves?

Is the United Nations "Useful" Anymore?

My guess is if that was a yes/no question presented here (with or without the word "anymore" at the end of sentence), a majority of NL readers would answer no. Where the disagreement would come in would be if we started talking about why.

Some people would say there should be no trans-national body that thinks it can tell their government what they can and cannot do. Others would say that the UN cannot do enough (for assorted reasons) to run the world.

Kidnapped Nica by an American????

Just arrived and my GF tells me that a girl from her barrio was kidnapped allegedly by an American, and taken to Granada where she was recognized from her photo on police reports and returned to her family.

She then told me that another had been kidnapped just a few days later. anyone know anything about this or where I can find the article? I am living in this same barrio in Managua and want to keep my eyes open

Advice on How to Succeed

If we had a humor section I would have posted this information there because it is almost funny. Unless you are poor.

In any case, an article in the Los Angeles Times addresses a common theme we see here on NL. That many Nicaraguans are poor and how what they need to do to become less poor.

OAS Resolution on UK threat to Ecuador

The OAS met today to see if it could formulate a resolution concerning the UK threat to storm the Embassy of Ecuador in London. The page about the meeting is here.

Solar Game-changer

How about: in the sun, cooler and free electricity? That sounds like a win for a tropical climate. Well, a breakthrough from UCLA sounds like it can offer that. From the Los Angeles Times we see a story about a new transparent (at visible light frequencies) solar film.

Solar Kiosk

We all know the cost of PV solar has been dropping quickly. An article in Gizmag describes the world's first solar kiosk. This is a solar powered, self-contained business.

False Bluff (in RAAS)

Long-time NL member wholly_mary sent an "access problem" request to us. She was fairly active here a few years ago and then seemed to have disappeared. Well, disappeared is clearly the wrong word. What she did was actually get herself to Nicaragua.

Who Owns the Media?

Being an ex-owner of a magazine, I continue to watch where our news comes from. No conspiracy theories here but where your news comes from continues to contract. An article in titled News Corp Split, Buffett’s Bet Top Year of Big Media Ownership Changes tells us a lot more than just what Warren Buffet is doing.

Nat Geo TV: Locked Up Abroad (Nicaragua)

National Geographic's popular television program "Locked Up Abroad" just debuted an episode tied to Nicaragua ("I Am Not A Terrorist"- air date 07/09/2012 - the drug smuggling account of Duane Wollum). One will learn very little of Nicaragua by watching the episode, though how Wollum ended up released from prison is interesting, especially in that no outside assistance (outside the system) seems to have taken place - quite different from most other autobiographical accounts in the NatGeoTV Series.

Obamacare is a Tax

If you have been following the US health care reform stuff which seems to get labeled Obamacare, you probably already know that some piece of the legislation says that some people must have health insurance and must pay for it out of their pocket or pay a fine for not doing this. (I confess that I have been ignoring most of this but it now gets my attention.)

Popularity of Presidents

I was just watching Julian Assange's interview of Rafael Correa on The World Tomorrow. Besides being an interesting interview, it got me thinking about Presidential popularity. My conclusion is that how people feel about Presidents in Latin America is very different than the way it works in the US. Or, at least that is my perception.

PRONicaragua Named World's Top Investment Facilitator by World Bank

PRONicaragua, Nicaragua's investment promotion agency, was named the top investment facilitator of 189 countries - the first time for a developing country.

Another "Illegal Immigration" in the US Story

We, like most sites about Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras and such, have our share of stoies related to people illegally immigrating to the US. Most have little to do with more than legal games. If you want to hear a bit more about a real example, there is a good article in Forbes t titled Girl Refugees: From the hands of smugglers to community leaders. There are two women's stories told, one being from Nicaragua.

From the article

What Should Be National?

That is, what businesses should be run by the government (or in some not for profit way) vs. what should be available for profit. The thread started out about a specific nationalization that recently took place in Bolivia. It continues to be an interesting topic but, to move the concepts back to Nicaragua, I have created this thread.

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