If Nicaragua were a state ...

In the early 1800s, Central America declared independence from Spain eventually becoming the Federal Republic of Central America. This ended in 1938 but I was recalling this while reading a article titled One-Party Control Opens States to Partisan Rush in the New York Times. Fit it in with various states petitioning for independence from the US government and it offers something to think about.

Guns or Microphones

The BBC has a program called Revolutionary Radio. The teaser for the current episode says "A revolutionary General in Nicaragua asks what is more dangerous in the hands of the public, guns or microphones?"

Movie Pirates: Nicaragua vs. US

Anyone who has been to Estelí, Granada, León, Managua or many other cities in Nicaragua knows that the sale of pirated movies and music is business as normal. For example, you can usually find someone on the west side of the central park in Estelí, directly in front of the Alcaldia, with a large display of pirated CDs and DVDs. Suggesting this is "illegal" to a local gets responses from "we can't afford to buy the original" to just a laugh.

Christian social conservative or Islamic fundamentalist

One of the common distractions on NL is that forum discussions seem to quickly turn into assigning labels. Our lastest has been catagorizing people as "thick" but one of our most popular has been the characterization of Muslims as something undesirable. All of this should have nothing to do with Nicaragua but it is pretty popular.

National Geographic

has a long and thoughtful article about the changes in Cuba. Nov 2012 issue that just came out.

Nothing to indicate that they are soliciting Gringo retirees yet :) but can that be far in the future (along with high speed ferries from Key West, Fort Meyers, and Miami)? I noticed a lot of advertisement for Christmas and New Year's trips to Cuba while I was in Tijuana.

Drug War Costs: Here and in the US

The Real News Network has a series of interviews related to the U.S. end of the drug war from the perspective of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) members. This most recent episode in the series focuses, to a great extent, on the costs associated with enforcement.

A "Fair" Vote

With a lot of elections this year, the idea of a fair vote goes beyond Nicaraguan borders. This seems like a good chance to explain the election process in Nicaragua and contrast it with both what you may be more familiar with and what appears to be a model.

First, some references.

  • In an earlier post there is information and a linked video on the process in Venezuela.

BBC Updates Nicaragua Profile

The BBC has a set of country profiles that tend to be relatively good. That is, they tend to present the facts rather than show bias. They have just updated their Nicaragua profile.

I am not sure what the changes are but it is a good introduction to Nicaragua. Note that when you go to the page you see an overview. There are more details by clicking on the tabs.

Of Lakes and Volcanoes

Today I read on La Prensa an interview of Dr. Oscar Rene Vargas.They talked of almost all the pressing issues that Nicaragua has faced and is facing presently; The importance of investing on education from top to bottom, inside and out. The interview is light but I think his answers are insightful.The problem with the so called opposition and leaders that won't allow anyone to think different. When asked Does every nation has the government it deserves?

Is the United Nations "Useful" Anymore?

My guess is if that was a yes/no question presented here (with or without the word "anymore" at the end of sentence), a majority of NL readers would answer no. Where the disagreement would come in would be if we started talking about why.

Some people would say there should be no trans-national body that thinks it can tell their government what they can and cannot do. Others would say that the UN cannot do enough (for assorted reasons) to run the world.

Kidnapped Nica by an American????

Just arrived and my GF tells me that a girl from her barrio was kidnapped allegedly by an American, and taken to Granada where she was recognized from her photo on police reports and returned to her family.

She then told me that another had been kidnapped just a few days later. anyone know anything about this or where I can find the article? I am living in this same barrio in Managua and want to keep my eyes open

Advice on How to Succeed

If we had a humor section I would have posted this information there because it is almost funny. Unless you are poor.

In any case, an article in the Los Angeles Times addresses a common theme we see here on NL. That many Nicaraguans are poor and how what they need to do to become less poor.

OAS Resolution on UK threat to Ecuador

The OAS met today to see if it could formulate a resolution concerning the UK threat to storm the Embassy of Ecuador in London. The page about the meeting is here.

Solar Game-changer

How about: in the sun, cooler and free electricity? That sounds like a win for a tropical climate. Well, a breakthrough from UCLA sounds like it can offer that. From the Los Angeles Times we see a story about a new transparent (at visible light frequencies) solar film.

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