Plant Trees, Harvest Water

This story reported by Interpress News Service is the kind we need to hear more often.

What People Eat

A friend of mine pointed me at this article about what people eat around the world and said "I would like to see th

Health Care: Here and "There"

In the past month a neighbor and two relatives have undergone significant surgery in the local public hospital. One relative was sent to a hospital in Managua for a CAT scan.

Latin American Popularism

A COHA report on Latin American Popularism looks at what they call the "pink tide" in La

Secret Prisons: Bush Iran Contra Redux

James Mulvaney's blog in the Huffington Post from yesterday ties Iran-Contra and a lot of other things to current actions by the Bush II administration. To me, he comes off as supporting the US Constitution. Talking about Iran-Contra, Mulvaney says

Where Did the Name America Come From?

This blog offers two theories where the name America came from. The second is the Nicaragua-related one:

Health Care Really is Free

On of the Ortega promises was to make health care really free again. From what I have seen, while severely underfunded which is nothing new, this really happened.

Last year public hospitals and health clinics offered free staff time but you had to buy your own medicines and such. While you still bring your own sheets, for example, medicines really are free.

Nica Blogs

I've been pulling together Nicaragua-based English language blogs on my blog Check on the links on the right hand side.

I currently have 37 (38 including mine)

This blog: has taken mine and added 51 more Spanish language Nica blogs.

Is tourism Nicaragua's Future?

The Telegraph offers an article talking about how Nicaragua is looking to tourism for foreign exchange.

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