Dallas Editorial about Nicaragua and Iran

The Dallas Morning News has an editorial about Iran/Nicaragua relations. It starts with a tone that sounded like, well, something from Texas but concludes with a valid point.

Probably Not Useful Real Estate Purchase Advice

An article in tomorrow's Wahsington Post offers some advice on buying real estate in Nicaragua. It starts with

Venezuela/Nicaragua Freedom of the Press Parallels

Foreign Affairs reports on Venezuelan RCTV losing its broadcast license. But, much of the article draws parallels between CIA involvement in the propaganda related to this even and La Prensa of the 1980s in Nicaragua. Besides a parallel, there is actually a link.

Toward a Self-Sufficient Latin America

A Znet article offers a serious look at how Latin America moves forward without the "help" of the US. You will find quite a bit of information that I haven't seen in the press--for example, an additional oil refinery in Equador that is a joint effort with Venezuela. Here are more details on the Nicaraguan one.

Nicaragua Statistics

In a post in there are some "interesting" statistics about Nicaragua. (Actually, it is in a response to a post by someone very ill-informed.) Here is the list from the post.

  1. Nicaragua has the highest adolescent pregnancy rate in Central America.

Gorbachev on Bush

Friskyfrolic pointed me at an article that is Gorbachev talking about the Bush administration. It is titled "U.S. is Sowing World Disorder" and is published in

Why retire in Nicaragua?

Based on the read count on a recent article about retirement in Nicaragua, it appears to be a hot topic for NL members (and lurkers).

CAFTA and Maquilas in Nicaragua

NACLA reports on CAFTA and maquilas in Nicaragua. Executive summary: bad news.

Gringo Retirement in Central America

Seniorscopie has an article about Central America as the new retirement destination.

Organic Coffee Farming in Matagalpa

Hard to pick a title but this article in The Telegraph) (mostly) is about organic coffee

The Last 49 Days of Somoza

This END article offers a good look at the last 49 days of Somoza's rule in Nicaragua.

Bush Flops on His Latin Love Affair

An editorial in the Guardian (UK) takes some serious swipes at the non-legacy of the Bush admini

More China vs. Taiwan

A detailed article about China vs. Taiwan in the world scene is in The Washington Post.

A Catholic Look at Ortega

California Catholic Daily offers a look at today's Daniel Ortega from the point of view of organ


NL member Jim Richard likes to say "western policy doesn't create terror, terrorists do". It's a nice on-liner but you can't explain everything in one line. Some points:

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