Scotland for Ex-pats?

If you are still considering becoming an ex-pat somewhere or just looking for a second passport, the independence vote in Scotland on the 18th might be important to you.

Letter From the Border: New Crisis is the Old Crisis

The title is the title from an article in The Intercept about how it works with what we call illegal immigrants into the US. If you read the article you will see that the label refugee makes a lot more sense for many.

Food and Water forum

I just created a new "Food and Water" forum on A42 at There are certainly some country-specific issues but there are also some global issues that need to be discussed/understood.

For example, Nicaragua has a lot of water but many countries do not. There is also the international issues related to GMO products and now international food trade is changing as more countries are restricting GMO products.

Colombia looks at legalizing pot

In the current bill, medical use, but it is clear pot has moved off the "dangerous narcotic" peg it was put on by the US in the 1930s.

"B corporations"

Every time I post something critical of the US (today's US) I get jumped on for being anti-US. Let's try this on for size.

I previously posted an article about Vulture Capitalism on A42. It was not anti-Capitalism or even anti-US but some probably saw it that way. (The most anti-US is a post explaining how President Obama could "solve the problem" but has not.)

Is it governments or corporations who are "in charge"

For buzzwords, think GMO, petroleum wars, and Wall Street. These issues come up here in NL but they are international in nature. They need an "international" discussion. See

Good news for democracy

Edward Snowden has been granted a three year residency permit by Russia. An article in The Guardian goes on to explain that this is not permanent asylum but is Russian temporary residency.

Let's open the borders

Isn't opening the US/Mexico (and Israel/Palestine) borders the best solution for all?

Are you on the terrorist watch list?

We probably don't know unless you are on the no-fly list and tried to fly. There are some clues how people get there but the word artibrary comes to mind.

A look at US "help"

A TruthOut article on how the US helps other countries is clearly of international scope but Nicaragua has been a victim of some of this help. As we seem to be working toward WWIII, I think this issue is worth looking at.

Ideas and link at

Alternative to IMF and World Bank

It's been talked about for ages but it looks like it is really happening.

Press release and IMF response added.

Is HushMail secure?

Mike recently said it was (in communicating with non-HushMail users. I think not. My case is presented at . Let me know what you think (there).

Health care comparison

Another Socialist Bites

the dust.

So, the problem with socialism is, indeed, you run out of other people's money eventually.

I just don't understand what these people have against working for a living.

Does anyone know if those EBT (food stamp) debit cards work in the cajeros of Nicaragua ?

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