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Donate school supplies for ragpickers' children

"Good day, help us to help others. Collaborate by donating pens, writing pads, pencil erasers, schoolbags and suchlike. Whatever you can contribute to pitch in will help the children of families who subsist by scavenging from garbage dumps. Add a little grain of salt :) For more information, call 786 467-1226 in the USA or (505) 8897-1109 in Nicaragua."

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Last minute gift idea

Perhaps a charitable donation made in someone's name for this worthy Nica charity.!high-school

Please vote to help a Nicaraguan NGO!

The organization, The Working World (La Base), provides fair financing to democratic workplaces in Nicaragua, Argentina, and now in New York. We have been chosen out of a pool of over 850 organizations as a semi-finalist in this year's Ashoka Changemakers competition which would provide $50,000 to expand our work!

A Journey and a Mission on an Epic scale

Man of action, Ilan Levy, is nine days into his 8,200 km trip cycling across Canada to raise money for Nicaraguan school children. Levy's goal is to raise $100,000 to provide school supplies for 8,000 children and build 8 classrooms in rural Nicaragua. To date, he has raised $25,000 on a trip where he plans 66 days of cycling over 81 days. Levy is a long time friend of SchoolBox founder, Tom Affleck.

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Opertunity to Host Volunteers

The following press release appeared in The Edmonton Sun. I am reproducing it in its entirity here.

Canada World Youth is looking for host families for a volunteer exchange program.

Hosts will take in two 21- to-24-year-old volunteers from Sept. 23 to Dec 18. and will receive a weekly allowance of $168.

Shipping a Donation


Does anyone know of any shippers that would offer free space for donations? I am trying to send a piece of machinery to a vet clinic in Granada. I have tried to contact DHL and UPS but have not heard back. And I also tried a charity based in Miami that offers lower shipping to other charities but have had no luck so far.

Thank you!!


I Want to Rent a Car but I'm Not a Tourist.

I understand that as a tourist you can rent a car using your US driver's license. But I'm a permanent resident and I don't have a Nicaraguan driver's license. Can I still use my Florida Driver's license?

Nicaraguan Social Programs

The discussion about how the poor are treated here and, in particular has inspired this related topic. Namely, what social programs exist in Nicaragua and how you might compare them to what exists in the U.S.

Setting Up Non-Profit - need Names of Hospitals/Orphanages/Churches etc.


I am setting up a non-profit to send medicines to the needy in Nicaragua and a few other Latin American countries. i need the names of hospitals/churches/orphanages/charities with whom I could establish a formal relationship so as to facilitate the regular sending of medicines and medical related goods. Once I obtain names of entities, I can finalize my business plan.

Can anyone direct me to the contact persons and names of some hospitals, etc. with whom I can speak about this? BTW I speak fluent Spanish

I would need:

Contact Person Name of entity Address

New Shanty Towns around Granada

We've noticed two different shanty towns pop up down by the lake and wondered who these folks were....Turns out they are mostly fishermen and families who have been evicted from their lake shore huts by the National Electric Co.... Bad Google translation from LaVerdad

What I would bring next time

I'm about to head back to the states after three weeks on Ometepe. Had a great time. Wish I could stay longer. These will be on my packing list next time:

1. Flyswatters. I didn't see any in the stores (or anywhere else). I would hand one out (with operating instructions) to each restaurant. There were never tons of flies, but even one can be really annoying while eating. And really easily dispatched with a flyswatter.

2. Computer headsets. Skype is everywhere, but more than once I wasn't able to use it because there was no headset available.

Government and NGO "Help"

Most of us have heard of the government's Cero Hambre program. There are also NGOs that are giving away things to families to try to make them self-sufficient. In general, however, these tend to be one-time grant programs.

I had wondered about how well such programs might work. One issue is that they are not big enough to give away enough cows, chickens, seeds, ... But, beyond that, followup is another issue. We just gained a bit of first-hand knowledge.

Sister City

Today our city had a celebration to present a donation of this refuge truck to Jinotepe, Nicaragua. I sure hope they can put it to good use and afford the gas and upkeep. Santa Cruz California also has a sister city program with Ukraine, Venezuela, Italy and Japan. We have also had caravans of school buses full of donations on their way to Cuba. It is nice to know that the US can help out and not expect anything in return.

Missing Persons



Tania Noemí Saenz Zeledón y Scarleth Masiel Gutierrez Pineda

Estas dos niñas de 14 años, desaparecieron el martes 5 de agosto, de Matagalpa

Cualquier persona que tenga alguna noticia al respecto,

BB or Pellet Gun

I have a problem with some chickens, they have seen me with a slingshot & know that they are in no danger, any suggestions?

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