Map of Nicaragua 100 Years Ago

How much has Nicaragua changed in the last 100 years? How about a map from 1905 compliments of the US Library of Congress?

Currently the high resolution version is only available in MrSid format so I have converted the image to a .GIF and made several wallpapers for your enjoyment.

Merry Christmas.

Airplane Graveyard ?

I gave up on a topic category for this, because it did not seem to fit anywhere; I chose "infrastructure" for the lack of anything more obvious. A friend heard of a large "airplane graveyard" (salvage yard, for parts, filled with old(er) planes for scrap, etc...) in Nicaragua.

old aerials of Nicaragua

This website has some aerial photos from the 80's in Nicaragua, pointing to Soviet Weaponry, planes etc.


Movies about Sandino ?

I was wondering if anyone is familiar with any films made about the man Sandino (as opposed to anything about the Sandanistas). I was told by some University students in Guatemala that there are at least three different films, though of course they could not remember the names of them. I have never heard of nor seen one. They claimed one is rather old, maybe late 1950´s, another in the 1970´s from Mexico, and another in the 1990´s (first two in Spanish, the last in English). Does anyone remember a title?

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