Kickstarter--MEMORIAS DEL FUEGO: Women and Revolution in Nicaragua

A film about disappearing stories of women who fought in Nicaragua's Sandinista Revolution, and their continuing struggles for justice.

Michael Ratner on Cuba

The Real News Network has a feature called Reality Asserts Itself. They have just concluded a seven-part interview with Michael Ratner. It is chronological and pretty much presents how Ratner's life evolved based on what was happening in the world. (He is now about 70.) The whole series is very interesting and well worth watching.

Of particular interest here, however, is part 4 which is titled

Reading money

A new 5-cord coin got me re-interested in Nicaraguan history. The coin is dated 2012, but the obverse says 1912-2012, so I started asking Nicas what happened in 1912.

"Was that when Nicaragua acquired the Atlantic region from the British?", I asked a Nica friend. "La region Atlantica has always been part of Nicaragua."

"Was that when Managua was made the capital?" "I don't know."

Ancient Mosquitia

Ran into an interesting article by Douglas Preston in the New Yorker on new discoveries of ancient civilization in the Mosquitia region of Honduras, with brief mention of Nicaragua . It is paid content, but you can start it here:



This follows the micro-history at node/20825. A few questions were raised. One, if Ortega, who lost the 1990 election, ever said that he thought it was ‘unfair’. (To think it was ‘fair’ automatically made any such free-thinker a fascist, according to some.) So I search for Ortega’s concession speech from then. I apologize for the length of this. (I am not trying to outdo NL's Flower Lady - she's a pro.)

First some points of that periods history:

1987 - Nicaraguaʼs New Constitution

A worthwhile read.


BTW, I have no idea if the author will meet the approval of some on this site, but here is some information that may help you decide.



1974 - Ortega freed after operation Juan Jose Quezada

38 years ago today (December 27th 1974) was the assault on the house of Somoza Minister Jose Maria "Chema" Castillo which resulted in the release of Sandinista prisoners among them being Daniel Ortega.

A memorable quote & a micro-history

In 1987 President Daniel Ortega spoke to the UN attacking the US policy of financing the Contra rebels and for having supported the Somoza dictatorship, which he said "bled the Nicaraguan people dry."

His most memorable quote from that speech: "... remember, President Reagan, Rambo only exists in the movies." Words directed at the former actor 'playing' his greatest role may not have missed their mark.

"This Fourth of July is yours, not mine."

Contras: 30 Years After

An article in The Miami Herald reports on a 30 year reunion of some ex-Contras. It offers a reminder of how involved the US was in the conflict and why you are likely to hear a different story about the 1980s from Nicaraguans in Miami then those who stayed in Nicaragua.

One new (to me) piece of information was the Argentine involvement in the start of the CIA-financed training of the Contras. I knew of the involvement but didn't know why.

Book on Sandinismo: "Nicaragua, Back from the Dead?" out next week, NL exclusive preview!

Hey, since the discussion on this site oftentimes have been fruitful, I have decided to put this script out here as an exclusive preview of the book that I will publish in about a week. A Spanish version of this book translated by a Managuan English teacher will be out next, likely a few weeks after the elections. I am currently looking into setting up public presentations in León and Managua at least.

Link after the break!

The Essential Gates: Looking Back At His Latin America Policy – Analysis

An article by COHA, the Council on Hemispheric Affairs, presents an analysis of former US Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates' Latin American Policy. Gates retired last month.

In '1493,' Columbus Shaped A World To Be

When Columbus crossed the Atlantic in 1492, his journey prompted the exchange of not only information but also food, animals, insects, plants and viruses between the continents.

"It was a tremendous ecological convulsion - the greatest event in the history of life since the death of the dinosaurs," says Mann. "And this underlies a huge amount of history learned in schools: the Industrial Revolution, the Agricultural Revolution, the rise of the West — all of these are tied up in what's been called the 'Columbian exchange.' "

Henry Kinney

An article in caller, a Corpus Christi Texas paper offers up the story of the adventures of Henry Kinney. While the adventures of William Walker in Nicaragua tend to be covered in Nicaraguan history, I don't remember reading about Kinney before.

He created an empire on the Mosquito Coast of Nicaragua in 1854.

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