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What's wrong with NewEgg, Amazon, ...

NewEgg, Amazon and others have made it very easy to buy things on-line. Combined with a freight forwarder such as Aerocastillas or TransExpress in Florida, everything should just work. Should but many times it does not.

After an initial mistake of ordering multiple items where one was sold by Amazon and others where you pay Amazon but come from other suppliers I realized the problem. You end up with two or more shipments going to your freight forwarder. You pay for two packages to be forwarded and two sets of customs charges (that is, fees to broker -- the total tax will be the same).

Carry-on limit

Got a newsletter from United saying they were going to start enforcing their carry-on limits. That`s sounds great because of the dog and pony shows I have seen on some of their flights where passengers can barely board or leave for all the baggage and confusion. The crews on the Houston- mga leg are usually right on top of it, posting a guard at the plane door to catch the people that ignored their instructions to check excessive baggage.

need a u.s stamp

need to get a apostille from the state of pa.. for my birth certificate..with my birth cert. i need a self addressed stamped envelope..where can i get a u.s. stamp down here ,,u.s. embassy ??? any ideas..

Question about importing alcohol

I know, we're doing it wrong! I want to know if anyone has experience importing alcohol from the US to Nicaragua. We will be looking to transport about a case of wine in for a celebration. Certainly, we know the local flavors would be easier and we will have FdC as well, but for our own reasons we'd like to import some wine that's not presently available in Nicaragua.

Unfortunately, the internet seems to have failed us in our search for information on this topic, but I know someone amongst the clever bunch at NicaLiving has surely done this! :)

Any help or advice is much appreciated!!

Nicabox transit time

Does anyone know how long it takes Nicabox these days to ship a letter to its Managua office once the letter lands in your Miami Nicabox mail slot?

I'm referring just to a letter, not to a package the requires customs inspection.

Sending a Letter to Nicaragua

A normal business size envelope of normal weight.

From Ontario, Canada to Managua - All prices include tax

$2.10 CAD - normal mail 4-15 business days

$17.10 CAD - registered 4-15 business days a signature is required and tracking comes with it but they can't guarantee the tracking outside of Canada

Law 306 12 passenger Buses and or Vans

I am thinking perhaps the best route for me and my business needs might be to bring in a bus or van. Or is there a major dealer here of buses to choice from?

I have read in the law that (for investors) and for the sole purpose of using in a tourism related business one can import a 12 or more passenger vehicle, so that to me means a van or bus.

I love the idea of a small (Special Ed) style bus to use here, as it is the one thing that can be kept running forever, as they country runs on buses. However, does the 7 year rule apply?

Medrano Express

It appears that Medrano Express is somewhere between a fraud and dead. An article in the Miami Herald

Shipping to Nicaragua

Good day all. I want to send a package to a friend in Granada, some English tapes and some books. Who or what is recommended as a secure and economic way to accomplish this task? Fed Ex, UPS, or perhaps Nica Box? Thanks in advance.

container shipping

i will be a pensionado soon and will be moving later this fall. i've read all of the pro's and cons of shipping stuff. I'm considering a 40' container that i read on one site/ that i can load as full as i can manage with 2 vehicles and fill in all around/ over them with household belongings up to $20,000 worth. the value is not my concern as much as has anyone done this. i want to ship from newark to managua/ since i'll be living in the granada area. i also read that i fill/ lock the container and once it's in nicaragua then i go thru the inspection process etc.

Care packages home

I would like to mail packages of stuff that is typically Nicaraguan back home to friends of mine up north who have been kind to me over the years so I am making a list of things that can sit in the mail for a few weeks without going bad, that is rather inexpensive, and that will get through the customs departments of Nicaragua and Canada.

Here are some the things on my list:

San Sebastian coffee, my favourite

Guava jam, a locally made delight

Miel de jocote, which you can't get outside Central America

Locally made jewelry

Moving stuff?

Once upon a time I knew a guy who shared my basic philosophy - own nothing more than a pair of boots and a sleeping bag.

He's now a pharmacist and I'm a shifty old poop with too much stuff to throw away and too little to ship anywhere.

But, as Cap'n Ahab's kid brother Ed might have said: There be others. Maybe you. Maybe you got stuff and the money to move it around here and there, in armored containers.

is it worth shipping items from home to nicaragua

Just picking everyones experienced brains out there. We are moving to Nicaragua and are wondering if it is worth the hassle to have house contents from Canada shipped to Nicaragua.....any comments on how to do this and if it is worth it are welcome!

List of Shippers

From the Department Of For What It's Worth Department, here's a list of companies that either do international shipping or help you find a company.

Some may be listed elsewhere on Nicaragua Living (sorry), some not (yay!).

I haven't gone anywhere, so I haven't used any of them, though I applied for a quote to Allied and after a week and a half have gotten no response. But I'm small potatoes. If necessary, I'll bring only what I can carry.

Amerijet International Begins Scheduled Service To Managua, Nicaragua

Global cargo transportation provider Amerijet International, Inc. has announced plans to begin scheduled air cargo service to Managua, Nicaragua on April 17, 2012.

“The new service is expected to be well-received by local businesses, who have been seeking reliable shipping solutions. Our new facility is well equipped to handle perishable goods, hazardous material and dry shipments to support to local maquila industry.”

Press Release

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