Need July Rental in Playa Iguana...possibly Santana


I would like to rent a house/condo in Playa Iguana for a month in July. If you have anything available, or know anybody that does, please let me know. Thanks,


Renting in Leon

Found one
Hi yall, I'm looking for somewhere small and furnished to rent for about 6 months in Leon. Only catch is I need to get internet installed. Cabelnet dose the center and a few places around and Enitell needs a phone line so that's my main criteria. Unfurnished is OK if everything ells is agreeable. A car space would be cool. Those Student rooms all around town certainly suck the fat one though so there no good.

House Rental in Diria or Surrounding Area

I'm looking for a house to rent in Diria or the Pueblos Blancos, but I've had a heck of a time making a connection. If anyone can give me any advice or info, I'd really appreciate it.

Rentals/leases in Bluefields?

Taking a trip to Bluefields, looking for possible rental lease on apartment/house overlooking the ocean. No tourist/gringo gouging pricing or vacation rentals please!

Also may look for commercial biz locations for various possible purposes.

Rental in Granada

We just found out the current tenant has moved from our duplex. It was apparently hard to communicate (through a realtor) and he thought we would have asked him to leave after the purchase. By the time we corresponded with him, he had found something else. he was a nice man and a good tenant that we would have loved to have. So this is just a thought for any Nicaliving members. Besides El Quijote in Granada we have purchased a duplex. We will reside in one half and will have the other half available for rent. It will actually be available after June 16th.

playing the rental game...............................

Looking for a rental here in Managua for a couple of months. First two, hd my novia call and set up the look see. Was told on the phone on the first, yeah one was available for 100 a month. Fair enough. Got there nd was told it was now ten bucks a day do the math, and was not by the month. Read gringo precio. The second went from 350 to 600 on the look see, same song, oh it is 20 bucks a day not 350 a month. Not bitching, just a new game. Ya gotta laugh it off. But I have found people here are very quick to warm up and strike up conversation. Just takes a smile and a nod.

Renting House In SJDS...Is price reasonable? Area ok?

I am looking to rent a house in SJDS for several weeks, starting in Feb. Does the price sound within reason or too expensive? Is the location okay?

This is what agent said...

San Juan, right behind the BDF bank and is in a safe location. $600 a month.

furnished apartment in Managua?

Looking for a furnished 1 bedroom apt. in Managua for 2-3 months starting Late Jan. Early Feb. Any help would be appreciated. Decent neighborhood would come in handy. Don't need anything fancy. Just a place to hang my hat, and cook.Near barrio Grenada, or Alta Mira. Thanks......Tom

Anyone familiar with Managua barrios?

We're soon going to be looking for an apartment in Managua. Does anyone have any suggestions as far as areas/barrios that would be best... mainly in terms of safety, but also accessibility to buses/shopping, etc. We'll need a simple 2 bedroom place, nothing fancy. Any areas to avoid? Any feedback would be great!

Looking for a long-term rental

After six beautiful weeks in Nicaragua last winter I would like to return for a longer period of time, kind of a trial living arrangement before I decide on purchasing real estate and making any type of move.

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