House wanted in SJDS

Three quiet and responsible adults would like to rent a 2-3 bdrm furnished house or apt in or within walking distance of San Juan Del Sur for the period Sept 15- Dec 15/2009. Would like to pay 600us/mo incl utilities or less for as many amenities as possible.

Renting in September

My girlfriend and I are flying to Nicaragua in mid-September and plan on staying until Christmas. If anyone knows of any affordable rental opportunities, please let me know.

Thanks in advance...


Lkg for LTR in San Juan Del Sur or Rivas

Responsible Cdn family looking for 2 or 3 bdrm furnished house with pool, garden, or courtyard to rent in SJDS or area from Sept to Dec of 2009.

Looking for a small place to crash

I'm looking for a small place to stay when I'm in Managua every month for a few days sort of a furnished one bedroom with cable & Internet and a/c or it can be just a studio it's gotta have a place where I can safely park my car. I'm interested in any place that is not far from El 7 Sur like carretera vieja or nueva a Leon or carretera sur any place that is not more than 10 kms. away from El 7 sur.

If someone knows of anything or have any suggestions please post it with the info where I can call in Managua or I can be emailed at

Any help will be appreciated.

Average House/Yard in Esteli, Matagalpa, or Jinotega

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what an average house in the northern regions is like. By average I mean with water, electricity, a bathroom, and a few bedrooms, but nothing excessive. My main interest is whether houses close to the major cities, or in smaller towns, generally have yards, and if so, how big these yards are, whether they are fenced, and whether fruit trees in the yard are common.

Vacation Rental ? Suggestions for how to reduce cost expenditures..

We have a house with a large cabana in San Rafael del Sur. Its on 6 acres of land. I think I have a photo of it here on this site somewhere. I see a coming problem where my wife's Uncle and Son might not be able to take care of it as they have been doing. My wife's son wants to come up to the United States to work. The Uncle is getting old.

Need a house for rent

Well, they are selling the building my apartment is in, so time to move. My son and I are looking for a 2 bedroom somewhere in the Altamira area of Managua. If you know of anything a teacher can afford ($300 or less) let me know.

House for rent in Granada

I thought I would post this here for anyone interested. The house I used to rent is now free and the owner asked me to help her find a new tenant. Here are the specs

4 Bedroom downstairs 3 1/2 baths downstairs. large center court open area. second floor bedroom with its own full bath Large Garage (I used to fit two trucks plus had space for a small car)

Need short-term housing on Ometepe

I am planning to stay on Ometepe for 4-6 weeks around next March. I could stay in a hotel, of course, and might do just that. But I'm open to a more interesting experience, whether a homestay with a Nica or expat family, housesitting, or just renting a house.

Looking for new place in Granada

I have offered much advice about finding rentals here in Granada but word of mouth is always best...

That said... does anyone know of a smaller intown apt or casita in Granada? Under $350

maybe a share or a house sitting gig?

I would be willing to commit to at least a six month lease if I like the place.....

Looking for small finca in Managua-Granada corridor

Wondering if anyone knows of any fincas (it can have as little as 2 acres of land) for rent in the Granada-Managua area. Can even be in a more rural area, ticuantepe ect... in fact, the Masatepe area would be ideal. We prefer a house with some "american" style comforts...such as bedroom AC, however, this is not a must. I have lived in Nicaragua before, so I am familiar with the typical housing.

Rental house in managua?

Greetings all

Finca "For Rent" in Esteli

The quotes are because the rent is $0. The finca is 19 manzanas 2km from the Pan Am in Estelí. This is the original land I bought near town but decided not to develop. It has a well (which did dry up for a few months last year), house (the high point being that it has a cement floor) and such.

Where (in Nicaragua) Do You Want to Live?

The current poll is about what kind of environment would you like to live in. With 56 responses, I am surprised by the results. They are:

  • Gated community - 5%
  • Larger city - 7%

Inexpensive Office Space in Managua

From the Ben Linder list. Seems like a great deal to me.

water, electricity, cleaning, kitchen, parking all included - agua, luz, limpieza, cocina, parqueo todos incluidos.

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