Now Granada

My girlfriend and I are working our way through the region, taking some time in each of a handful of cities to get a feel for life and cost. After some time in Esteli and SJDS we'll soon be ready to hit Granada. Can anyone recommend an area or apartment for about 30 days starting mid December?

We prefer value over luxury, but we'd like a clean place with a private bath. A private kitchen is nice, but a shared kitchen isn't a deal breaker.

Looking for 30 day rental in SJDS

We'll be heading over to SJDS in a week or so and are looking for a one month rental, either a private room with private bath and kitchen access or a 1 bedroom apartment. Anyone have any recommendations?

Two other questions:

Is Rebecca's Guest House (over by the park) still operating?

And, lastly, can anyone recommend a good, cheap gym (weight room) in town?


Need to rent a house

I'm looking for a house to rent in the area of San Rafael del Sur. Price should be under 100$ monthly with a 1 or 2 years lease contract. Looking for a comfortable house (water, shower, toilet, kitchen). Thanks for all references. Direct mail:

hotel/hostel/30 day rentals in Esteli, Matagalpa and Jinotega

We're looking for a 30 day rental in either Esteli, Matagalpa or Jinotega. We're already talking to Jane about this room (, thanks tedd) in Esteli, but does anyone else want to weigh in? We're looking for a 1 bedroom place.

We would also love suggestion of short term (1-3 days) hotels in Matagalpa and/or Jinotega to stay in while we look at longer term rentals. We're not picky, mostly we prioritize security and a central location (no car).

Hostals near or around Masatepe or Granada or Managua

We are moving to Nicaragua in either Masatepe or Granada or Managua - wherever we like it the best. Does anyone know of any hostals in those areas and what the costs are? We are a family of 3 and need a temporary situation while we search for an apartment.


Rent to professionals


Looking for ideas. Well, we still got to work in the states for a few more years.

I want to reduce the amount of maintenance required to keep up the house. We are paying allot for security and maintenance. Our idea was to see if some professional can rent the house from us. Maybe a doctor or Dentist? That way we don't need to pay for security.....

Looking for short-term (vacation) rental in Jinotega

I'm looking for a 3BR house in Jinotega from February 23rd to February 25th. I know there are good hotels there and the vacation rental market is virtually non-existant, but my 3 year-old son has several SEVERE food allergies and we always prefer a place with its own kitchen. Any ideas/suggestions/contacts would be greatly appreciated.

Jinotega House for Rent

We are going to live in Costa Rica for a few months so we can compare it with Nicaragua for our long term plans.

Our rental house here in Jinotega will be available, so I thought I'd post here in case anyone is looking for a place. It's the nicest place we saw when were looking around for rentals, and we can sell you our furniture if you want.

The house is on the south end of town, near the mini supermarket Pio Pio, 3 blocks from the central park.

looking to rent a vehicle 4x4

We are looking to rent a 4x4, jeep or truck for $300 a month or less for a couple months. You can call us on our cell in san juan del sur - 8384-9525.


Need to rent house

A month long rental is needed in the Masachapa/Pochomil area. At least 2 bedrooms 2 baths and a/c. A pool is a plus. The month will be February.

House to Rent in Jinotega?

We are in Jinotega, and looking for a house to rent. It does not have to be huge, but it's really important to us to have a yard for the kids to play in that is secure. We would also really like it if the house wasn't falling apart and had nice tile etc. 2 + bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen capable of having a fridge and stove, electricity, and running water are a must.

You can send me a private message if you know of something, or call my Nicaragua cell (Claro) 83321659.


Looking for home to rent around Jinotega

My wife and I may be ready to try the Nica lifestyle soon, and we are interested in renting a house in the area around Jinotega. We would consider something around Esteli, but it would have to be in the hills above the city. We are also open to something near (but probably not in) Matagalpa.

Renter's Rights

Probably a far cry from being enforceable, but does anyone out there have a list of renter's rights here in Nicaragua? Translated to English would be even better! I owned apartments in the states for years and I know what a landlord there HAS to do there. I know it's a different animal here but I'm guessing a landlord here has to do more than just collect his rent. Yeah..... I know..... I'm probably dreamin'!

Thanks, Bobby

Need a place to rent sept 17th for 1 month

I am looking for a place to rent for 2 people in san juan del sur, on sept 17th for 1 month...possibly 2.

Looking for $300 or less, the less the better...looking for wireless internet...but it doesnt matter if it doesnt have it. AC is a bonus too.

Email me at, and let me know. Thanks.

Looking for a long-term rental in Granada

I am looking to rent a furnished house in Granada for at least one year beginning around September. I am moving there to begin working full-time as a professor at Ave Maria University and will be there at least for a couple of years. I would prefer a 3 bedroom, but I will consider 2 bedrooms also. I am hoping to find a nice place in a good location of Granada, any help or pointers would be really appreciated.

Thanks, -Daniel

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