House or two apartment for rent in Jinotega

My old house in Jinotega on the corner of Calle Yucapuca and the next block from where I am now is for rent again, both sides. Reasonably middle class Nicaraguan neighborhood, has a shared nice backyard between the two houses. Rent per side was $100 US a month when I was living there, but I suspect that they'd be willing to rent the whole house for circa $175 to someone who'd be there for a while. One upgraded power circuit with a true ground and a new sink on the side I used to live on. Closets and two bedrooms on the other side.

Looking to rent beach facility (preferred) or finca for annual ONG gathering.

Looking for ideas/options. Event is for about 130 people. Ideal spot would be a huge rancho or restaurant on the beach with bathrooms and cooking facilities. We prefer to cook our own food but could be flexible on that - so a surfside restaurant could possibly work. Prefer 8 am til 8 pm - a full day. Open to ideas at any Pacific beach. The event is Sat. July 20. Plan B is to rent a finca or part of a finca. We've already checked out Hertylandia but looking for other options, especially at the beach.

House for rent (or sale) in Jinotepe.

4 blocks to the park. Fairly modern 2 story townhouse. 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen, living room and small patio. $250 per month plus electric ($15) and water ($3) and cooking gas. Unfurnished. Secure neighborhood! Send me a PM is you want to see pics and need more info. Or look here.....

Any Site Members

living in Condega?

We are looking for a year's house rental in Condega while we build the infrastructure at our farm 20 mi to the east.

Rental would start January 2013

If you know of anything, please PM me.


Nice House !!

Found this while looking for a house in Condega:

If anyone knows of anything in Condega please PM me. We will need it for a year while we build infrastructure on the farm.

2 rooms for rent in Poneloya, at the beach 20 min to Leon, also for (volunteer)groups. day or month

I rent out a room in my house which is located directly at the beach in Poneloya, buses to Leon stop every hour in front of the house (in 20 minutes you are in downtown Leon). Perfect for volunteers or people who would like to stay a bit longer at the beach. The room has a bed and closet and own toilet/bathroom. Use of kitchen and rest of the house is included as well as electricity and water (which is expensive at the beach). for 100 dollar a month

House for Rent outside Jinotega

We have a lovely home available for rent in Las Pilas, Nicaragua. This small community is located just 10 minutes drive from Jinotega. It is famous for the beautiful flowers and vegetables grown there! This house is a 3 bedroom, 3 bath, huge kitchen, living room and den- includes working fire place (that is a delight in the chilly months of Nov- Jan)... The yard boasts beautiful views and a private oasis from the bustling world of Nica!

Looking for long term rental in Granada. Starting mid April for 6 months or more.

My wife and I are living in Leon and want to try out Granada. Does anyone have a one or two bedroom place available for rent. $500/month or preferably less is our budget. We have a car so a garage would be preferred. Thanks, Gord

Looking for a rental in Leon

My wife and I are currently renting a house for a couple of months in Poneloya. We are thinking about giving Leon a try for 2 to 3 months starting February or March. Does anyone have or know of a furnished 1 or 2 bedroom place for rent. We are going to walk around town and look for rental signs but we have had good luck so far with finding accommodations on this forum.

SJDS January 2012

Looking for a one month lease in a safe house/condo in SJDS. 1 bedroom is fine. Two people, one small dog. Close/in town and beach. Willing to spend 500-2000 US.

Looking for a House Early January 2012

Hi, does anybody know of any good house up for rent in Esteli or its immediate neighborhood starting january 2012? We are shifting base from Costa Rica and are looking for something reasonably good. We are a family of four. 2 kids 7yrs n 3yrs and would ideally want a 3 or 4 bed roomed house with a garden and good security in a good environment. Should be near schools but not in a very busy location. Out of town would still be okey. Oh and If anyone also knows of a good private elementary school in Esteli preferably teaching both english and spanish plz let me know. Thnx Edna

Granada ..........

Got this letter from Donna today....... Can anyone help out?

Hey Bobby,

As of next January (2012), Casa Lupita will have to move to new "digs". We are being asked to vacate the current property or to pay $600/month rent! (THe answer to that is obvious!). We want to begin to search now for a new clinic space. We need a reception/consulation area, a surgical area, oudoor space for adoptable dogs and kennel space for dogs and cats awaiting surgery. Bathroom, running water is obviously necessary . Central location would be nice.

Rent Reduced Big, Safe, Beautiful House in Altos de Villa Fontana Managua

House for rent in the southern sector of Managua up in the cool region of Altos de Villa Fontana, 3 km south of Club Terraza. It is a beautiful house with a colonial feel to it, super safe in terms of earthquakes, and has tons of security (full time guards, electric fencing, alarm system, high walls). It is 3 stories, 3+ bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, maids' rooms, playroom, tv room, office, pool, decks, terrazas, views, fireplace,

Housesitter Needed

I am looking for a housesitter for the caretaker's house on the CoolTop finca in the Tisey reserve. The house is in good condition (it is about 65 years old but we refurbished it a couple of years ago) but a bit rustic by Gringo standards. Thus, this may be more like a chance to see what it is like living like a rural Nicaraguan in this area.

Looking for 30 day rental in Esteli

I am in search of a month-long rental in Esteli from January 10 - February 7. I am NOT looking for the cheapest place, since I am willing to spend a little extra for a place that is nice, and secure. It would also be very helpful if internet is available. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

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