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Language Programs/Surfing

I am looking to come to Nicaragua for a month+ in March. I plan to do a month of immersion spanish and am looking for a school that is close to a surf break. San Juan del Sur seems a likely candidate, except that I haven't been getting the best reports on the surf there. I have checked out the places in Costa Rica, but am really not that interested in going back to CR again and would rather check out somewhere new. Anyone have any ideas on places that might fit the bill?

Fertilizer for the Dentist?

After some x-rays and preliminary work for a crown, I went to make my next appointment and pay (some) of my bill. I was talking with a dental assistant that knows no English and had previously complimented me on my Spanish when she was getting all the info from me when I first got there.

Spanish learning help on-line?

I put up the current "My Spanish is" poll because most of our contributors are still in the U.S. and I was wondering if needing to work on Spanish was an issue. While the sample size is very small so far, it looks like most of us could use some help.

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