Spanish Schools and Learning Resources Dictionary for Nicaragua

This was a surprise for me but there is a Nicaraguan Spanish dictionary available for It is available on the web site.

Spanish and English Schools and Volunteer work??

Looks like I may be staying in Nicaragua for several months while my boyfriend and I work out some paperwork for his Visa. I am interested in finding a good English school for him and a Spanish school for myself. I would also like to volunteer or work locally during my stay. I am looking into Managua and Granada but leaning towards Granada. Any suggestions and/or advice would be great. Thank you to all that help this site be such a source of information. I check the site weekly and always find interesting posts. I have received lots of good advice here and hope to return the favor.

Lingus TV

I was looking for some helpful Spanish learning tools for a friend and tripped on Their claim to fame it to get you to laugh while you are learning Spanish.

In any case, their web site looks interesting. If learning Spanish is on your list, check it out.

Learn Spanish and Feed the World for Free

On their home page you can change subjects. Click thru the menu to Spanish then expand your Spanish with multiple choice vocabulary questions on ten levels all why donating rice to hungry people thru the UN World Food Program.

Sometimes Close to Nicaraguan Spanish

This dictionary is of Costa Rican Spanish. But, in many cases, it will help you with your Nicaraguan Spanish. For example, take this from the page about ahora.


Any leads on Spanish schools near Jinotepe or Diriamba?

Also, what are the custom dollar limits for items brought on flights?


How Good is Your Spanish?

Ever wondered how good your Spanish is?

index of spanish schools

Index of spanish language schools for gringos. Most offer one-on-one individually tailored schedules immersion style for somewhere between $3 and $13 US an hour.

Best list of Spanish schools available on the web. No fees, no ads, just the facts.

PM me with corrections, additions, deletions. Your data will normally be published within 4 hours.

tony robins jinoturistica at yahoo

Free Online Translation Tool - Wordchamp

I came across this link on a Spanish learning forum. highlights and translates all of the words in an online story as you read.

I so loved this joke so laugh a lot til u pee, enjoy life!

SPANISH FOR GRINGOS (Para que los Gringos aprendan castellano)

There's always something to learn or to try, many times you need to say some phrase in Spanish, but you don't know how to say it, don't

Part-time Spanish classes

Most Spanish classes here seem to be of the intensive variety. That is, 20 or more classroom hours per week. I understand the need and appeal for people who just have a few weeks here and need to learn but, what about the rest of us?

My Spanish is far from perfect and I would like to improve it. But, I have a "day job" and can't take 20 hours a week of classes even if that appealed to me. I learn Spanish by reading, writing and talking but some "formal time" would be of benefit.

Langauge instruction

I am looking for immersion study of Spanish in the Grenada area. Any suggestions?

Kids and languages

When we came to Canada, I was 15 and my wife was 10 y o (no no we were not married at the time)

We have two children, daughter nine and son two year old. My wife and I communicate in Spanish at home and use English in public. My daughter understand Spanish perfectly but, lately, she will not speak it if she can help it. I speak to her ONLY Spanish, I buy books, music and also download the same kids stories I loved as a kid. I try to make it fun for her. My wife tells me I try too hard.

My daughter lately pretends she does not understand Spanish.

Schools in SJDS

Im presently attending the San Jan Del Sur Spanish School, which is located on teh beach at the South end of the main drag. |I also went and spent an hour or so at the Latin America Spanish |School up by the Parque Central. I didn't take classes there, tho.

So far-two days-and I'm happy with the level of instruction, but I think this is a better 'fit' for someone who has no Spanish when they start. My instructor keeps trying to review regular verbs in present tense, but if you're directive, you can move them away from their 'program'.

ooh look i'm the first

this is a piece of blatant advertising (if it gets thru' he who must be obeyed) there is an excellent Spanish school located in the mountains above Achuapa near to Esteli.The school is run by and benefits campesinos with all profits going back to the community. The deal is you pay your $120 (or so) go there by bus or 4x4 and you stay with a campesino family board and food included in the price.The lessons are for about 4hrs in the day, either in a classroom or out in el campo. The theory is that total immersion in a language brings rapid results.

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