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Common Europeans Framework of Reference for Languages

This came up in as a system for describing various levels of language proficiency. I searched this site to see if someone had brought it up before but didn't see anything. It may be of interest for people setting goals in their Spanish acquisition. describes the level.

Easy Google Translate

Easy Google Translate is a FireFox browser plugin that looks like a good helper when trying to learn a second language. Note that I am making a distinction between just translating things and actually helping your learn. Here is what it does.

Once you get it (go to Tools->Add-ons, search for it and install it. Then configure it) it is very easy to use to offer a crutch when needed. I have, for example, configured it to do the following:

  • Detect the source language.
  • Translate what I select to English
  • Speak the text in the original language

Using Twitter to Learn Spanish

I thought this, laughed at myself and then realized it actually could be serious. It seems that Twitter has become a hangout for politicians to brag about something/be noticed. The fact that Tweets (why aren't they called Twits?) have a limited size means that instead of having to hear a 5 to 50 minute infomercial, politicians have to convey their message in just a few words. For those obsessive-compulsives, receiving them on your SmartPhone is perfect.

Anki Electronic Flashcards

Anki is a free program that works like flashcards -- only better. While it is not specific to learning Spanish, there are some really nice data sets available for learning Spanish.

If you want to go the flashcard route and see electronic as being better than paper, there is really nothing negative about Anki. Here are the high points:

  • It's free (and Open Source).
  • It runs on lots of platforms including Windoze, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android and FreeBSD. For those devices without a port (such as a Blackberry), there is an on-line web interface.
  • It is easy to use.

Children's Books in Spanish

When I was first learning Spanish, I found children's books to be pretty useful. I bought a few but I just found either a better way or at least a cheaper way. There is a site called Children's Library where lots of children's books are available on-line for free with quite a few in Spanish.

One-on-one Spanish learning recommendations in Granada?

I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good Spanish school that offers one-on-one tutoring. I want to find someone who approaches language learning systematically and expertly. Bonus if they work for a nonprofit so that a portion of my tuition fees can benefit the community in some way.

Thanks! Maryruth

Here is yet another free Spanish learning tool. The web site is It is a learning site thanks to Capella University. Spanish is just one of possible things you can learn.

While you can find other languages, including English, there are many other topics including Mathematics and Science covered. It looks like a good general-purpose site for learning. They are also looking for teachers.

Spanish School in Jinotepe

I am helping someone open a spanish school in Jinotepe. It is Nica owned and operated with a bit of "gringo" help. They are offering classes for beginners through advanced learners and individual and group classes. There is more information available here......

Spanish Error of Gringos

There is a free, one hour presentation about this available on the Learning Spanish Like Crazy website. I am actually listening to it right now. It is pretty interesting.

News In Slow Spanish

As far as I can tell this hasn't been referenced here, yet. But if it has, then mi scusi, per favore.

"News In Slow Spanish" is a web-based learning site, based around an audio program supplemented by text.

Sidebars to the audo sections list "Flashcard, News Stories, Grammar, Expressions, Explorando Latinoamérica, Pronunciation, Quizzes, Download" options.

It is free of charge to some extent, or at least for the first month. The audio files may always be free for download, but probably of limited use without the other materials.


Duolingo is a web site for learning Spanish (or German). Ages ago I received email inviting me to join the beta program. Finally got access yesterday.

It is clearly geared for a real beginner. I don't know how far it goes but it is well done. It combines images, the computer speaking, you filling in blanks (in both languages) and more. My understanding is that it will be free. They also are asking what other languages you might be interested in. I picked Klingon but I would really like to see Spanish to English.

Notes in Spanish Gold

I just got an email from Ben at about making the audio for the first part of their Gold series available on-line for free. The first one is available here.

Spanish Stack Exchange

Spanish Stack Exchange is currently in beta.

Get there via:

A collaboratively edited question and answer site for students, teachers, and linguists wanting to discuss the finer points of the Spanish language.

It's 100% free, no registration required.

Stack Exchange is a fast-growing network of 83 question and answer sites on diverse topics from software programming to cooking to photography and gaming.

Main site:

Network Stats

  • 83 Q&A sites
  • 1,585,558 users

Khan Achademy Videos in Spanish

If you don't know about the learning resources available for free from the Khan Academy, it is worth checking out. Their web site is There are some amazing resources available there but they are all in English.

Well, the good news for people learning Spanish and for Spanish speakers is that 900 of these videos have been translated into Spanish. I see no mention of that on their site but you can start on this YouTube channel.

On-line word translator with a twist

In an email I just got from Ben at NotesInSpanish he shares a very cool web site. One that can actually help you learn Spanish (or Portugese or ...). In fact, it can even help you improve your English.

The site is Here is how to use it:

  1. You enter a URL for the web page you want to read.
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