Construction expert/assessor recommendation


I'm looking at buying a small property in a new residencial near Managua. Construction has only started recently, so there is some risk, but there are also many attractive factors including the pre-construction price.

I'd like to bring in an expert to check out the situation - quality of construction, security of the deal, etc. And potentially some of the other items listed on

Any recommendations?

Pool construction recommendation

Just had our pool built by Mario Jose Avellcen in Jinotepe. He is from Carazo but will travel, no problem. Mario is honest, hardworking, friendly and professional. His number is moviestar 84826437. Great work and at great price! Also does home construction and remodeling.

I went to "edit" and added photos but althought they are listed as "attached"... they do not show up on the post. Any more suggestions, please?

Pic here.... ...... and here....

Costs of cement & blocks

One quintal of cement currently (3/10/2014) sells for 237 cordobas here in Jinotepe. A machine-made, certified cinder block currently retails for 18 cords. How does that compare to other places in Nicaragua?

Does anyone know how much of volume discount you get when you buy cement by the tons?

i like this idea..

FOR SALE: Submersible Pump

For Sale: $370

Franklin Electric Super Stainless, Continuous Duty Submersible Pump

"Frameless Geodesic Dome", a DIY Housing Idea

There is no frame in this dome. The shell is self supporting much like and igloo is self supporting...The materials are all easily attainable and it cost about $2100 to build it at the time. The dome shell is also extremely easy to disassemble making it a portable structure....


There is a new article about the Canal on the Nicaragua dispatch today.

It is a pretty good summation of the project as well as adding international opinions about the validity of the project.

by the way 什麼赫克 translates to "what the heck" or maybe what the hell or maybe WTF.

Dirt Ain't Cheap

It is starting to look like dirt isn't cheap after all!

More Canal Propaganda

Here is another article about the Nicaraguan Canal. I keep hearing about the transparency and openness being promised, but apparently even one of Wang Jing's Lieutenants know next to nothing about him.


CONSTRUCTION BEGINS Sergio, a contractor, showed up at 7:00AM Monday to start building a small storage/work

More Damn Do-Gooders

building houses and schools, >>>and in Jinotega yet! Well, at least they are not missionaries. . .

Wait, ,, WAIT..... they might be . . . .

Checking In On

our friend Holly Beck's on-going adventure:

Living the dream -whatever it is. Gives me hope.

$2,500 house?

This one claims to have been built in Mexico!

Road from Las Praderes

Last week we drove out to our finca in Pantasma (Esteli to La Concordia past Apanas Lake to Las Praderas to Pantasma). They was a news photographer at the entrance to Las Praderas and we stopped to talk to him. He said the World Bank had approved money to pave the road from Las Praderas to Wiwilli (border of Honduras). As we drove through Praderas there were graders leveling the road so it looks like he was right. Anyone have more information?

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