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Contact for electric buyback plan

I am looking for a government contact to whom I can present an idea for reforming laws related to electric energy generation. Something that clearly would benefit the world and will also help Nicaragua attain a higher level of power from renewable resources.

I am sure it won't surprise anyone here that I am talking about PV solar. Right now, being off-grid in parts of Nicaragua makes a lot of sense but what I what to suggest is that a favorable law that allows users to sell power back to the grid is in the interest of the consumer as well as in the interest of all of Nicaragua.

Ram Power (Polaris Geothermal) news

After a long and difficult development, some delays and disappointment followed by remediation work, things are progressing at the geothermal plant expansion in San Jacinto. The company announced the start of the field's stabilization period. 30 days later, the net operating output of the plant will be tested and some future funding depends on how well they do.


There must be some optimism because they are proceeding with their next geothermal plant, Casita San-Cristobal.

On-line cell phone recharge

They typical approach when you are out of saldo in your cel phone is to go to the nearest pulpuria for a recarga. If, however, you are a regular Internet user, there are alternatives. They are generally billed as a way for your rich relatives in some other country to send you something but they work equally well for an in-country recarga.

Plans for electrical generation here

The print edition of La Prensa today 25 April has a large 20 page pullout "Nicaragua Eficiente" discussing the present & future electrical generation plans here. Good read - I don't see it online but it probably is there.

This would speed things up.

New invention would certainly speed up the new road construction from Tola.


Nationalization - confiscation

Kick 'em while they're down. Spain's economy is suffering due to its membership in the European Union; 50% of its youth are unemployed.

Yesterday, Mayday, International Labor day, President Evo Morales seized control of Bolivia's main power grid from a Spanish-owned company. He nationalized it "in the name of the Bolivian people as a fitting homage to the workers who fought for the recovery of our natural resources and basic services." (AP)

Requirements for digital network

I have been reading the TELCOR site and I think I need a translator. It's not a Spanish issue, it's a what do they really want issue. I am guessing no NL member knows the answers but maybe someone here knows someone who does or who to talk to or ...

I am looking at the idea if building a Spread Spectrum (espectro ensanchado) data network. Source: Estelí. Multi-point delivery. The equipment I intend to use is covered by Part 15 of the FCC rules in the US. That means no licensing is necessary in the US.

More investments in Nicaraguan energy program

The Inter-American Development Bank approved another $22 million loan to improve electricity service in Nicaragua as part of the National Sustainable Electrification and Renewable Energy Program (PNESER, for its initials in Spanish). This loan, the second since July 7, is expected to benefit 1.7 million Nicaraguans.

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Gas Natural Fenosa's AMR Meter Installs

GNF is suppose to start the install of AMR meters made by Conectisys Corp this month.Probably started this week.Anybody live in Managua and have had the new electric meters installed.Or anybody work for GNF and know the install dates and numbers. Rumor is first 500 and then probably 5000 per month after that.With Panama next on the list. Like to see a picture and verify that they are working.Conectisys stock price is low and would like to get in but really hard to verify info from Managua.

Regional Integration - SIEPAC getting closer

SIEPAC is the name of the transmission line that will connect the electrical grids of six Central American countries and Mexico. It had been discussed for over 30 years and has been in progress for approximately 15 years, a large part of that time required to change laws and create a regional electrical market. There are now plans underway to connect Columbia.

San Jacinto geothermal video

This project will eventually power 1 out of every 12 homes in Nicaragua.

Spanish version

Construction of SIEPAC Network Will Conclude this Year

Dry Anarobic Digestion of Waste

A friend's mailing list had an article about what is an atypical method of processing sewage sludge, yard waste and garbage called dry anarobic digestion. The email said it could better be called moist but as opposed to the more typical liquid methods. The project being initiated is for Palo Alto, California and is described on pagreenenergy.org. Peter Dreckmeyer, the ex-mayor of Palo Alto is involved and said:
Drekmeir says there are about 25 municipal-size "dry" plants worldwide,

EIB Loan to Improve Electric Grid

FinChannel.com reports that The European Investment Bank has granted a loan to Nicaragua to improve the electric grid.

switched claro turbo..to yoto

my claro turbo.used to work in waslala and la dalhia..last couple of times no service..asked the office in waslala.,,.signal problem..finally someone told me only 1gig..would work up there..so went to the claro office in managa..told them i want them to increase my 256speed to a mil.no charge or cancel my contract..becuse i got claro T.for waslala..they canceled my contract no charge..real happy with yoto..much faster and cheaper than my claro

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