Transportation & Roads

Bus transportation and Schedules

I willing be traveling from Liberia, CR to Granada next week. Are there buses to the border and from the border up to Granada.? Might anyone have information on schedules etc. Thanks in advance.


Typical taxi in Rivas

I looked at the picture found at:

I have been to Rivas a few times and I could swear I've seen motor vehicles used as taxis. Would this type of horse carri

Driving Advise


I am planning to spend 10 days in Nicaragua and will be visiting the Rivas and Leon areas.

I would feel confident with my driving and limited Spanish ability in these areas but I DO NOT want to drive in downtown Managua.

Is it possible to get a rental car at Managua airport and then take the "Highways" to Rivas and then on to Leon and then return the car without going through the nightmere of driving in downtown Mangua? Are the roads to Rivas clearly marked in such a way that I could avoid the danger of city driving..then from Rivas to Leon is it possible to bypass Managua

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