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Nicaragua to improve its transport system

This was an IADB news release from September.

News Release

Helmet required for moto passengers?

Anybody know if passengers are required to wear a helmet on a moto? Today I got stopped by the transito police who claimed I could be ticketed if my passengers aren't wearing helmets. I've never heard of such a thing and don't think I've ever seen passengers wearing helmets around Esteli. I'm curious if this is true or just BS. Thanks.

Day 2 - Mazatlan

After another late start at about 10 we left Guaymas for Mazatlan. If I had to do this again, I would skip Guaymas, start earlier, and easily make Navajoa the first night. A modern town, many nice but reasonable hotels right on Mexico 15. Then, the second night The (world famoso) Shrimp Bucket in Mazatlan and an ocean front room at the Hotel Siesta (Jack Kerouac slept here). You would arrive early enough to enjoy the long Malecon (or Paseo as it's called).

Day 1 - Guaymas

After trying for a month I finally left Tucson at about 12:30 (late dinner and movie Zero Dark Thirty; SUV re-packed AGAIN led to a later start than expected). Someone wanted 20 lbs of Russet potatoes, I got anxious about finding decent peanut butter and saltine crackers in Nicaragua; Shelley added some wine, some Costco sized bags of M & M's, and a big package of yeast. It all adds up -quickly.

Using buses in Managua

Generally, when I am in Managua I use taxis to get around. This is usually because I either have more stuff with me than makes sense to carry on a bus or having a taxi driver that knows where things are is a needed convenience. On my most recent trip, however, a bus would have been fine.

But, bottom line is that I have no clue where the buses do, when and how much you pay, ... Anyone know how all this works?

Driving to Nicaragua from the US


Does anyone have any info to help me find someone that I can hire to drive a box truck full of material from the US to Nicaragua. I have contacted several Nicaraguan guys but have gotten the "run around". Any info would be helpful, if you have hired anyone in the past what was the price, did everything arrive that was shipped? Thanks Bill

our trip from florida to Nicaragua

We survived our trip. it's not a trip for the faint of heart. If you're the one in the hammer lane doing 45mph you will be run off the road. We were two guys and (1) dog. For those considering bringing a dog all you need is the USDA stamp on your vets certificate. It should be in English & Spanish, it doesn't have to be type. We drove through Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras & Nicaragua only in Nicaragua did someone ever look at the dog.

El Salvador

Has anyone driven across El Salvador along the coast I believe it's CA2? If so how long did it take to get to Honduras? What was the road like?


driving from Florida to Nicaragua

By only driving during the day time how long will it most likely take to get to Managua? Instead of going all the way to the pacific side I'm thinking on going down Hwy 180 thru Mexico then making my way around Guatemala City and then to Honduras and then down to Nicaragua. I know this is longer than going thru El Salvador it saves me a border crossing. We don't really plan on doing any sight seeing we just want to get to our house outside of Managua.


Free GPS Maps to share

I know there has been discussion on GPS mapping for your Garmin from Although I have an old version of this, I'm not very happy with the accuracy of the roads.

A few free Central America ones for your Garmin out there, one in which I find quite better than GPStravelmaps is Cenrut, latest version 2.7

This other one may benefit in some ares but has less detail in small towns away from the tourist areas.

Problems with Alamo Car Rental

I just spoke to Alamo's international rental desk and they have no record of the reservation I made for a 4x4 from the SJDS location. Not only that, but Alamo doesn't even show that have a SJDS location. There is no phone number for the SJDS location on the AlamoNicaragua website and my email attempts have gone unanswered. Has anyone run into this before? Should I just show up and hope they have a truck available? Any suggestion would be appreciated. I need a truck or SUV for Feb 6-10th if anyone can help, Thanks!

Getting around in Masatepe

Today I spent most of the day getting to Masatepe. Now I know better and tomorrow I'll be taking the express bus. What I want to know is, how does everyone get around when they're shopping for furniture?

On the way back to Managua I saw at least 50 shops (maybe a lot more). I want to check out a number of them but that's a lot of ground to cover on foot. Ideally, I'd be able to rent one of those 3-wheel vehicles. Anybody know if that's possible or have any suggestions?

Anything that might apply to other cities but maybe not Masatepe?

Entry requirements

So I've been trying to figure this out for a while. How exactly does everyone get into Nicaragua?

Question on catching public transport from MGA to Masachapa?

I have a trip planned on the 17th with a friend who now may not make the trip and I am thinking I may not get a rental car because I don't have anyone to split it with. I am looking for advice on getting from MGA to KM 49 on the Carretera Masachapa. Part of me wants to try to make all on chicken buses, I can drive from the airport, but I don't know the bus routes. And there may be better options, I will only have a back pack and a carry on. If someone knows a shuttle service or reliable taxista, please share.

Taxi from MGA to SJDS

Four of us will be arriving at approximately 21:30 and we would like a ride direct to SJDS, can anyone suggest a driver with contact info that they use and could recommend?

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