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The New Nicaragua

Canal or no, the country is moving in the right direction.

Ghost Of Christmas Future

more specifically, the future of ObamaCare:

My vision: Post Office has little to do, but they are government employees and union too, can't lay them off.

So they become the first point of contact under ObamaCare.

"I'm really sick, sir, I need to see a doctor"

"Fill out this form, press hard, you're making several copies. You'll receive a notice of appointment withing ten working days in the mail".

"Ten days???"

Gay rights politics in Nicaragua

Professor Cymene Howe from the Department of Anthropology at Rice University delivered a lecture last Thursday on the politics of sexual rights in Nicaragua in anticipation of International Women’s Day. While my (not being gay) observations have been pretty positive toward acceptance of gay and lesbian lifestyles, Professor Howe's research offers a lot broader view.

The article is available in The Tufts Daily. From the article

I Saw A Lot

of this in Boise. The last 30 seconds are all you have to watch.

Eastern European refugees would buy a run down fixer, and transform it into the nicest house on the street; Somalis so different from our home-grown African Americans, THEIR kids excel in school instead of dealing drugs. So much opportunity still available; it's your choice.

What am I really eating?

When I first moved to Central America I remember being concerned about what I was really eating. That is, was something in a grocery store or a restaurant what it was supposed to be. I have long since gotten over that concern but I just read an article that suggests maybe my concern was misplaced.

Kids, (legal) drugs, violence, predators

Everyone seems to agree that in Nicaragua kids have poor access to health care, good schools and, well, just about everything else. But, is Nicaragua a bad place to bring up a kid?

I was discussing the mounting evidence that the legal drugs used in the US to fix what are perceived as psychological and behavorial issues have serious site effects -- one of them being violence -- with an NL member. The response I got surprised me. I don't want to out the person who wrote it but I think it is a very interesting point. The message was

Gray areas

The thread at has become a bit big and, as is usual, drifted from the original subject. This thread is to discuss one point that has evolved there -- gray areas.

Fascinating Comments

and the story is interesting as well:

From Nicaragua Dispatch:

Can this level of fraud be perpetrated without some level of Nicaraguan judicial collusion? The $11 million dollar figure is hard to believe. Even living large for 6 years wouldn't burn through that kind of cash. Some of it must be tucked carefully away.

Will this project just be re-branded, and re-sold to new investors, like Pelican Eyes?

Some Day We'll

all laugh about all of this, with the country full of tourists, roads paved and choked with vehicles, everything we need at the Wal Mart or the Home Depot.

But now is now, and that's the immediate reality:

Context and perspective are important, now matter how difficult to achieve.

Another dimension

Ever since the time that our family first started to think of moving to Nicaragua some three years ago, I have been a perpetual lurker (if this is the right term) of I have been positively impressed by its content and the erudition of the contributors. Nicaliving has helped us a lot in getting a more solid grasp on a number of practical issues on the jump that I and my family were contemplating.

One more Brit

I am so very happy to say that the resident population of Brits in Nicaragua will shortly rise by two.

18 years ago I met and wooed a truly wonderful, Nicaraguan woman when she was a graduate student in my home town of Lancaster in England. It was true love and after several visits back and forth we married and set up home in the UK. We always had the determined vision that one day we would live in Nicaragua. And so it has come to be that we two and our bilingual teenager daughter are now living in Diria.

SSI and Ex-patriation

I just read on a mailing list that US Social Security disability benefits "probably aren't available outside the US". That is, if you leave the US, you are no longer eligable. I have been told otherwise by another source.

Anyone know the facts behind the rumors?

USGS Earthquake Data

The USGS is updating access to their earthquake data. The default is now real-time information. You just bring up a page and it will get updated as the data changes.

There are lots of options such as a minimum magnitude, for how long you want the data retained (that is, how old the earthquake is) and, of course, what part of the world you specifically want to monitor. For more details they have a quick start and user guide.

Legal Drugs: US and Nicaragua

Quite a few people have talked about medicines, medical care, ... contrasting US doctors, US-made//first world-made medications and such with what is the norm in Nicaragua. For that reason, I felt this article in Natural News fits here.

I see two different issues:

  • US doctors are better than Nicaragua doctors (maybe)
  • US made drugs are higher quality (maybe)
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