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Where's that airplane?

If you either want to know where a flight is or are just an aviation nut, there is a handly web site that can be fun. I was first pointed to it when the US was busy getting countries to not let Evo Morales' plane land in Europe but it is of general interest.

The site is called Flightradar. If you are interested in Central America flights, here is a good starting point. It offers coordiantes and zoom for Central America. From there, you can zoom and move around. You can also search for specific flights.

Any pilots out there? airport locations with a hanger

Are there any small airports in the Tola area with a hanger to store a plane for a week? My uncle wants to fly down from the states. Or is the Managua airport the best option. any advice or resources would be great

Thank you

Canadians and flight delays in the USA


For the majority of people flying here from Canada, the best way to avoid these delays is to book flights with TACA and Copa that fly from Toronto to Nicaragua by changing planes in El Salvador and Panama instead of US airports.

Also, both TACA and Copa allow you 100 pounds of free baggage, twice as much as US airlines. Their prices (except for Spirit) and their schedules (especially Spirit's) are better than US airlines. Their check/in and in/flight amenities are superior.

MGA to YYZ: try TACA/Lacsa or COPA

In November I flew from MGA to Toronto on LACSA/TACA, changing planes in San Salvador rather than in the USA. I can honestly say it was the best flight between the two places I have ever taken. Just about the cheapest too.

My advice to people doing this route is to sit on the internet for several days checking out TACA/Lacsa and COPA prices and play around with arrival/departure dates. All things considered, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Private Float Plane licensing

What is about private flying with lsa or ultralight in Nicaragua? Where can I get informations about licenses or conditions of registration a lsa-airplane?

New San Jose to Managua flights

Nature Air has added a new scheduled route between San Jose, Costa Rica and Managua, Nicaragua.

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Canadians Make Big Investment in Nica Float Plane Business


In an historic landing, unique to Nicaragua, the first of four seaplanes that will be operating tourist routes has landed in Nicaragua. Government sources say the four seaplanes will begin to operate routes to Ometepe Island, San Carlos, Pearl Lagoon, Corn Island, Coco River and the Gulf of Fonseca, among other destinations.

Spirit Air and carry-ons

As I mentioned in my other Spirit Air post, I created this thread to handle the potential flamefest that may result from discussing Spirit's controversial new policy of charging for carry-on bags.

I'm not sure if the policies changed since they were first announced, or if the media is just doing a terrible job of covering them (or both). Let's get the facts straight: They still allow a single under-seat item (purse, laptop, backpack) for free. They also have exceptions for medical equipment, diaper bags, pets, and other things.

Spirit Air is no longer a redeye

Spirit Airlines has long been a price leader for getting between the US and Nicaragua. The big drawback was that they only flew in and out twice a week, at midnight. Last month they changed their schedule (twice), and now they offer once-weekly flights arriving and departing around noon on Wednesday.

Cheap OAir Dot Com

Anybody have experience with CheapOAir.com? They have round trips from Managua to Omaha listed for $540 incl tax...Sounds like it may be too good to be true, the other sites are closer to $740

Flying from Canada to Nicaragua

Just a heads up...the cheapest way to get to Nicaragua from British Columbia, Canada, would be to book your ticket through www.orbitz.com.

We have had nothing but good deals, flying with this website. A round trip from Canada to Nicaragua, we got for $680.00 USD, we seen some that were $550.00 USD but didnt act on time.

Its cheap...because when you compare them to other sites...they charge $1300.00 and there are still 3 stops.

So for all you canadians, flying to Nicargua....www.orbitz.com is your best friend...i hope this helps!



Continental has improved its website. they have expanded their "flexible date" option to make it much easier to find a cheaper flight online. Now you can enter an approximate travel date, and it opens up a calendar showing which dates are available at what prices. No more hunt and peck looking for best date.

I was also surprized that this years flight (Vegas to MGA) was $260 cheaper than last years. Lower fuel prices and the recession are probably the cause

baggage weight limits flying to port

Me and the wife are making our way down to visit family anyone know what the baggage rules are flying from managua to port. such as bag weight limit , how many are allowed

What's in your gov't travel dossier?

What's in your gov't travel dossier? Link is to an interesting article from Budget Travel...


Online Check-In

In the states I always check in online sometime before I head to the airport (even with luggage) to avoid waiting in line for a boarding pass. However I've heard rumors that MGA does not recognize early check-in boarding passes, even though it is offered on the continental website. Anybody have experience? I'm flying continental to the U.S.

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