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down you will find the most corrupt border at Amatillo in Honduras.

The other borders are honest; most officials I have found to be helpful and friendly. I wish everyone could see the new Mexico, it's not hard to imagine a Euro style zone running from the Guatemalan border to the Canadian North

A dated notice from the War on Drugs

Trade predates Capitalism; people across the world traded stuff, including drugs, before money was invented.

In a letter to the editor (today's NYT) about the hopelessness of controlling Afghan opium production, despite having spent $6 billion there to do so these last 12 years, the author quotes Donald Rumsfeld telling a Senate committee in 2001, illegal drug use is “overwhelmingly a demand problem. . . If demand persists, it’s going to find ways to get what it wants.”

not a good time to visit the Bosawás reserve.

According to this article the Bosawás forest has been partially deforested and the recent assassination of Mayangna leader Charley Taylor, have put the local residents on a war footing because of governmental\ political inaction.

1st Capt. Ron

(Title by Miskito Alan)

City of Schools and Churches

We passed through the central ghetto yesterday and saw something new-- police in black uniforms. Normally, police here have on clean. starched, light blue shirts. They have a very neutral look, like letter carriers or something.

I was concentration on priority one, not hitting potholes, and didn`t notice that some of them had on masks. It was a little like something from a grade B movie, but they were just sitting on the corner.

That night they raided businesses throught out the north on an anti-money laundering operation. Big news on the tube the following morning.

Another "Innocent Gringo" story

I have now seen two articles about a Gringo with legal problems in Nicaragua. Whether this person is innocent or guilty I don't know but it, once again, inspires some thought about a general problem.

This particular case is covered a couple of TV blurbs, this one from the FOX TV station in San Antonio. The story is summarized as:

Family members are trying everything they can to get a San Antonio businessman released from a Central American jail.

Toth arrested in Esteli

FYI; See link below to the article on the capture of Toth

This is interesting

Found while engaged in a handgun argument elsewhere with Tron Guy, Jay Maynard. Kids don't appear to kill kids here at the same rate that they do in the US. And the US has more reported rapes than the US (the accuracy of this stat depends on whether all rapes are reported).

This one is fun, too --

Not in Nicaragua

Not in Nicaragua but since I noted MS 13 activity in both Rivas and Grenada I thought i would post here. seems like it could be a good program.

Hope For Puracal

Two years is a long time to wait. How many Nicaraguan judges flee to Spain immediately after sentencing someone.

This stinks; I don't think any of these guys are guilty.

Nicaragua backs slaughter in Syria @ UN

No big surprise, the unconstitutional regime supports the murderous thugs in Syria.

Fellow travelers Cuba, Venezuela, and Bolivia also support the butcher al-Hassad.

Considering Danny-Boy's profound affection for other murderous thugs (Qadaffi, Stalin, Kim Il-whichever), this isn't a surprise.

Also something that the pump-fisting $andali$ta$ tend to avoid when proselytizing the "mixed economy would have been great except for the intervention of the evil US" foolios...

A spade is, alas, a spade.

Thugs to the core.

Anyone who reads the Nicaraguan papers see anything about a murder in Jinotega?

I've heard that a German and Nicaraguan have been arrested for killing a man. One person had heard this; other ex-pat friends hadn't heard anything. I don't know if the German is a German-Nicaraguan or a German expat and he wasn't anyone I knew.

Nicaragua: Lessons from a Country with a Low Crime Rate | Center for Strategic and International Studies

Hemisphere Focus By Stephen Johnson, Siremorn Asvapromtada, Samuel Kareff JUL 10, 2012

Citizen Security in Central America: A Conversation with Aminta Granera, Nicaragua’s Director General of the National Police

from CSIS Americas:

Citizen Security in Central America: A Conversation with Aminta Granera, Nicaragua's Director General of the National Police by CSIS PLUS 3 weeks 1 day ago / Creative Commons License: by nc sa

The victim of a 'victimless crime'

Let me explain. [No Juanno, I wasn't doped-up on the scrapings from a trans-Nica shipment.] I was robbed, sort of. En route from Leon to Managua wearing baggy cargo shorts my wallet was picked from one of my Velcro-closed flap pockets. OK, t’was my error, but there's more. I was engrossed in reading a La Prensa article on Daniel's daughter-in-law pulling down $1.69 million in one contract as General Manager of DNP (Distributor of Nica Petroleum).

Thieves? Thiefs? Sneaksters?

Oh, heck. Them what steals.

Not directly related to one part of the world, but links to these two sites may provide some amusement while you all wait out the cold, gray, wet winter.

No, wait. That's me. You have sunshine.


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