Tegus Hotel Recommendation

Any suggestions for a hotel in Tegus with moderate amenities (AC and hot water),, either close to the airport or with a shuttle?

How about long term vehicle parking,, any suggestions there?


New Costa Rica tax makes no sense

Costa Rica has added a "roadway tax" which seems to make no sense. It is a tax that you must pay to Costa Rica when crossing the border in a vehicle into Nicaragua. Calling it a roadway tax when you are about to stop using Costa Rica's roadways is a bit absurd.

In any case, it is $5 that you must pay at an office of Bancrédito. The nearest branch is in Liberia which is about 80km from Peñas Blancas. But, don't worry, Costa Rica plans to add a Bancrédito ATM at the border within two weeks. Pardon my sarcasm but there is little traffic at the border in December, right?

CA-4 border for pobres

I had previously commented on how the free travel in the CA-4 wasn't free. I had initially thought it was a fee (as I remember, $5 for crossing the Honduras and El Salvador borders) for those with just residency but Ana had to pay the same fee.

spirit not happy..

took my brother to the airport at 11pm last flights at night anymore..he has a ticket..and was never notified of the change..they have his email address..they told us the flights are day flights we go back see when he can get out of here..he lives in the phillipines..after spening a month here..says he is going back there

Nica Bus To CR

Took the Trans- Nica Bus to CR today. Pickup in Estelí supposed to be 10AM at the north UNO station, but the woman who sold me the ticket (Farmacia Estelí) warned me the bus could arrive anywhere from 9AM to 10AM. It showed at 9:15,,, we arrived San Jose about 10PM.

She also told me the bus would stop at the CR airport, but not true. So I wound up in San Jose , , ,

Changed buses in Managua, about an hour wait, bus then went through Granada,

A weekend in Ometepe

I promised my sweetie I'd take her to Ometepe for her birthday. She can only go for the weekend so we will jump on the ferry around noon on Friday and return late on Sunday afternoon.

I've decided not to bring the car so we will be taking buses and taxis around the island.

Can anyone recommend a clean, comfortable, QUIET (!) place to stay on the island that's reachable by public transit? Preferably somewhat romantic and in a natural setting, for maybe not much more than around $50 per night?

Story on crossing at Peñas Blancas

I just read a personal experience article about a person traveling from Liberia Costa Rica to, ultimately, San Juan del Sur. I have labeled it personal experience because it is just that. What I am saying is that it covers what one family experienced. It is not a good guide for how to do it but it might help you get the feel and possibly avoid some of the mistakes they made.

Leaving the CA-4 for another 90 day visa

That means going to Costa Rica, Mexico or further. Though married to a Nica & retired, I choose not to pursue residence here. I actually like my birth country as much as Nicaragua. So I'm a tourist with a slew of Nica dependents.

What if you "forgot" your passport?

The article is about Ecuador, not Nicaragua, but it does offer something to think about. It is about a woman who flew to Ecuador without her passport and what happened.

The article is in The Washington Times.

QUITO, Ecuador—An American senior citizen on a flight to South America was seized and jailed by Ecuador immigration authorities after arriving there for a vacation.

Day 4 - Morelia

Morelia is a city I would seriously consider if I were going to retire in Mexico. At 6000 feet, the climate is moderate, the city is clean and prosperous. The town has no touristy feel at all.

We stayed at the Virrey Mendoza (thanks to my negotiating skills):

Day 3 - Ice Box Hill

Ice Box Hill is the old part of Mazatlan. The expats hang here and there are quite a few of them. We liked it so much we decided to stay an extra day. There's a new part of town, Dorado, with the high rise hotels, Twisted Mama's and Senor Frog .. . .that's absorbs the tourists. It works out well.

I drove here once before, in the late 60's, and like all of Mexico it has really changed.

Off to Pochomil

Just waiting for the shuttle and will be at the beach in 12 hours! If anyone is in Masachopa/Pochomil, stop by Casa Larocque and say hi (I will buy the beer). Just behind Vista Mar.


Van or Bus Rental

Howdy all and thanks in advance for any help or suggestions !

Our NGO is looking for a 15 passenger van rental with driver. Does anyone know a company in the business of renting vans/drivers? Also we're sometimes wanting a larger bus 25 pass or 50 pass. We bring two student groups a year to Nica and the Nicas in our group need a van/bus a few times a year. Really appreciate any contacts or names. Thanks

Big Cuba Fan

and I was sorry to see this go:

I had hoped to slip in a week or two this winter to check out the ground game for a later, longer trip around the island.

I think that many of the Usano Nicaragua volunteers, especially the ones who came down for a longer period, would have taken advantage of the opportunity to visit Cuba. Cuba is a country many are curious about.

They just didn't give it enough time to catch on.


Anyone spent time in Jiquilillo, Chinandega..... drove thru once and looks beautiful... I would like to know if anyone has stayed at Rancho Esperanza or Rancho Tranquilo?

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