Mass Wedding on St. Valentine's Day

While this was well covered in the local media and was even televised, this is the first I have seen about it in any English language press. The article, which doesn't say much, appeared in The Voice of Russia.

Hit Man to Hero

This is the name of a film that two women plan to make about "Oscar". In an article in you can read about the person and the plan for the film.

I expect some of us know who "Oscar" is.

In his teens, Oscar served as a Sandanista guerrilla. He trained in Cuba to become a hit man. He served as Daniel Ortega's bodyguard, Madison said. He became addicted to drugs.

Ground Hog Day

Has it been another year? That’s right today is Ground Hog Day, the official Expat holiday in Masachopa/Pochemil. So true to the Movie, I guess it will be like ever other day. “Is today Monday or Friday?”

Nicaragua's Relative Safety

A somewhat unexpected source, The Economist, has an article about how safe Nicaragua is relative to its neighbors.

The article contains some decent comparative information about the countries in the region. It includes information on the police force here and what seems to be their secret of success.

Claro Que No?

There have been quite a few posts here critical of Claro (Enitel) in Nicaragua. Apparently we are not along. An article in Global Voices talks about how Claro has been censoring those who have been critical of Claro's service.

Specifically, the site which is critical of Claro, was blocked by Claro. That block has since been lifted. (Note that the site is in Spanish. Good chance to test out lingro (See

About Those Increasing Electrical Rates

Electrical rates were supposed to increase this month. The first installment on what's happening I have seen is in El Universal, a Venezuelan newspaper.

The idea is to borrow money through ALBA. The article states that if the government can borrow $108 million, no increase would be needed but at $70 million the increase would only be 10%.

Nicaragua Deploys 1000 Soldiers to Combat Rural Crime

Insight Crime reports that the Nicaraguan government has deployed 1000 soldiers to help combat rural crime. This is coffee picking season so there is a lot more money in the countryside than during the rest of the year so this makes sense.

Goodbox Coming to Nicaragua

EIN news published a press release about Goodbox coming to Nicaragua. Goodbox is a Taiwan-based company that produces product packaging says they will create 4000 job opportunities.

Goodbox, whose slogan is 'enrich your idea, decorate your packing', manufactures its quality products for world-renowned international brands such as American Eagle, Diesel, Nine West and Hush Puppies. The company also services major retail chains, among them Macy's, Target and JC Penney.

The Ongoing Rio San Juan "War"

As we know, Costa Rica sued Nicaragua over changing the course of the Rio San Juan. You can find a low of blow-by-blow on this site in the NicaNews forum. The initial ICJ edict was for both sides to stay out of the contested area while a determination was being made.

Yesterday's Anti-Ortega March

The first article I saw about this in English is from Sky News in Australia. The projected turnout was 80,000. This article says there were 5000.

'Everyone knows that I am the rightful president, stripped of the title ... everyone voted for me and their votes were mocked,' the 80-year-old Gadea said in a speech at the end of the march.

Nicaragua: Can Obama Learn from Reagan?

In my morning search for Nicaragua news, the first article I saw was titled Obama administration consulting other nations on Nicaragua. While it contains the usual wacko statements by Florida Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen who still thinks the rest of the world is really just a collection of low-budget US states, the real message is described like this.

Food: When News Matches Reality

Prensa Latina reports that the first 25,000 tons of wheat donated by the Russian government to Nicaragua has arrived in Corinto. The total being donated is 100,000 tons.

More Renewable Energy Coming to Nicaragua

A press release talks about another 100MW of renewable energy coming to Nicaragua. Clearly this is very early information but it does make it look like Nicaragua is on the trail to energy independence in the electric sector and may become a serious exporter of electricity over the next 10 years.

Nicaragua's Gold Rush

A Prospecting Journal article talks about Nicaragua's gold rush. Record high gold prices along with a mining-friendly atmosphere are, once again, turning mining into a good business venture here.

There is, of course, the down-side of environmental damage. It sounds like the government is encouraging development. Let's home the damage side is under control.

Nicaragua Among Top Performers in World Bank's 2012 Doing Business Report

At a regional level, Nicaragua outranked the rest of the Central American countries in the categories of Protecting Investors, Enforcing Contracts and Resolving Insolvency. This is an important result as it covers all the phases of a project, from the moment of establishment, through operation and closure.

Article from World News Report

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