Fr. D'Escoto "restored"

Pope Francis has "restored" Fr. Miguel D'Escoto.

Miss Gay Nicaragua Vows To Fight Homophobia

Nicaragua: Cuba must be included in the Summit of the Americas

From A42.

Ecuador is helping

Nice but maybe they should wait for the big one.

Ricardo Patiño Aroca ‏@RicardoPatinoEC 7m

Con inmenso cariño para hermanos nicaragüenses, Ecuador envía mañana avión con 9 ton. de medicinas, alimentos, frazadas y productos limpieza

What's with Nicaragua--Russia cooperation?

While there is likely more going on, here is the first article I have seen that actually offers any level of detail on any of the cooperation. I also learned that the Russians have the equivalent of GPS satellites which is cool. (The EU is apparently doing the same thing.)

An article in Defense Talk tells of the plans for cooperation.

Nicaragua unconditionally recognizes incorporation of Crimea into Russia

While I don't think there is any surprise here, Voice of Russia reports that Nicaragua has recognized the incorporation of Crimea into Russia.

Nicaragua documents from Wikileaks

Some time ago Wikileaks added a sophisticated search mechanism to their site. It was needed because of the huge volume of documents there. The search allows all sorts of filtering as well as the typical "keyword in subject" and "keyword in body" options. It is available at Here are some result statistics:

  • Nicaragua in the title: 7326 documents
  • Nicaragua in the document body: 20,692
  • "Daniel Ortega" in the title: 516
  • "Arnoldo Aleman" in the title: 26

Internet censorship in Nicaragua?

Hi everyone! My SO has been unable to load links that I've sent her for at least the last week. Is anyone else experiencing this? I know there was talk of implementing a law about what could be said online in Nicaragua some time ago (maybe a year?), but IDK much about these things.

Help is much appreciated!

Mods: I wasn't really sure where to put this so feel free to move.

Jinotepe mass jail break

Ten prisoners managed to break out of jail last night in Jinotepe at around 4 a.m.

Within half an hour the police were combing through the poorest barrios in town looking for them. This is the first time most residents of these barrios can remember the police entering these places except to sell confiscated goods to the local fences.

Larrynaga hydro plant 95% complete

Larrynaga, another hydro plant in Jinotetega is expected to bring the percentage of renewable energy in Nicaragua up to 53-55%. A Fox Latino article tells the story.

The Larreynaga plant in the northern province of Jinotega will start generating electricity "in some four or five months," Emilio Rappaccioli said in a written statement after touring the plant with the CEO of state utility ENEL, Ernesto Martinez Tiffer.

Nicaragua textile exports expected to reach $2.5 billion this year

For Nicaragua, it sounds like a big number. An article in Fiber to Fashion says that textile exports are expected to reach $2.5 billion in 2014. The reality is that it has been higher.

To put it in perspective

Preliminary numbers stated that in 2013 the value of exports of Nicaragua totaled US$2,566 million, 13.95 percent less than the sales of 2012. And the textile sector exported around US$2,150 million, according to the presidential delegate PRONicaragua.

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