Nica attitudes, behaviors, customs, gestures

Coming down 1/19/2005

I will be coming down on 01/19/2005 about noonish. If anyone needs me to bring something from the States for them, shoot me a quick note. Please, no car parts!!!


Best Book You Ever Read On Nicaragua ?

I was NOT thinking about travel guidebooks and such, but history / sociology / politics / etc.

Nicaraguan Towns Look For Towns to Twin With

In my work as the Nicaragua Desk Officer for the British Embassy in San Jose I have been approached by two communities, San Jose de Bocay and San Juan del Norte regarding finding them towns or cities in the UK to twin with. Up to now I have not had any luck so I decided to try this forum. It does not matter what country the town or city they twin with is from, the communities I mention are just trying to get themselves a bit more contact with the outside(developed) world. If anyone has any suggestions please get in touch.


Come to live

Masaya is located only 23 km. or 17 miles from Managua and 12 km. or just 7 miles from Granada, if looking for a more economical alternative to either the capital or Granada. Masaya is the center of Arts and Crafts in Nicaragua and boasts the country's largest Artisan's cooperative in the Market located in the center of town. Masaya is a safe and friendly place where one can walk at night without fear of being robbed and taxis ply day and night taking passengers for 5-10 cordoba per peson depending your destination. We invite you all to the San Jeronimo Festival beginning on Sept. 30th..........Hotel and Tours Madera's Inn, Masaya, Nicaragua, Best Budget Lodging

Music scene in Nicaragua (a possible documentary film)

Hello all, I am interested in going to Nicaragua to shoot a documentary film on the music scene of the country, particularly new music, contemporary, and all form of popular music.

As part of my research I would appreciate any advice/comment (s) in regards to filming down there.

Liberation Day

On the 19th it will be 25 years since the overthrow of the string of US-created dictators. The only signs I have seen are some of the houses in Barrio El Rosario have FSLN 25 painted on them. If you

Have a Cell Phone in Nica?

SMS is a great way to send short instant messages to close friends in the States, worldwide or neighboring countries or Nicaraguan Friends try and and from or to an Enitel cell phone in Nica.

Personal radio announcements

There is an FM station (99.7MHz) that I listen to sometimes in Estelí. One thing they broadcast are announcements. But, they are not "Sally's dog is lost" announcements. Virtually all are someone is in the hospital or they have died.

Seeking employment

Hi, We are a gringo couple currently in Nicaragua and have reached an impasse with our current employers at a certain "eco lodge" in the Eastern part of the country. Would like to stay in Nicaragua, but are open to possibilities in Central or South America or the Carribean. We are a mature, well traveled, educated, responsible, mid thirties couple seeking a caretaking position that includes room and board and a reasonable stipend. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to, cooking, cleaning, maintenance, carpentry, boat operation, fishing, diving, computer skills and much more. Please respond soon to

Articles on Latin American culture and life sought

I'm looking for essays, traveler's tales, short stories, whatever says something about Latin American culture at . The money's not big, but it's relatively fast. See the site for details and examples.

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