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good article on the treamors..

MANAGUA, Nicaragua (AP) — Thousands of Nicaraguans woke up in the streets Monday after a sleepless night rocked by two strong earthquakes, part of a string of tremors that have kept the Central American country on edge since late last week.

New quake shakes Nicaragua; nation on alert Associated Press New quakes cause panic, no deaths in Nicaragua Associated Press Magnitude 6.6 quake hits southwest Nicaragua: USGS Reuters 6.1-magnitude earthquake shake Nicaragua Associated Press Magnitude 6.4 quake strikes near Managua in Nicaragua -USGS Reuters

Getting back to (composting) toilets ...

We get into toilet discussions about once a year here on NL. All too often they turn into excuses why someone must have a flush toilet and little to do with reality in Nicaragua. Let's see if we can do better this time.

There is an organization called Toilets For People that has a solution that they are promoting for India, Peru and Nicaragua. They point out why a composting toilet is a good thing, particularly for places that may flood, but also point out that the typical cost is $1500.

More Socialist Success

stories from Venezuela:

Would Nicaragua REALLY miss the Venezuelan money? Don Daniel would, as would the Orteguistas, but would the cessation of the money really affect the average Nicaraguan?

Economist Article on the Trans-Nica Canal

See link to Economist article on the proposed trans-Nicaragua canal to link Pacific Ocean to Caribbean Sea.

Not many positives are brought up in the article. Apparently for the canal, Nica will have to give up some sovereignty and the Indians land will be at risk.

Of note was the biggest competitor for this canal would be trans-Arctic shipping lanes.... Global warming is not pro-canal.

Open Source, Open World

Marginally related to Nicaragua, but possibly interesting to a few.

Where Free Software Came From -- And Where It's Going.

The focus of this piece is on Brazil, but

BBC Latin America article on the Canal

I love the quote about it being easier to get to the moon lol

Coastal Highway project cancelled

"We have no funds to build it and the project is not viable."

This will come as bitter news to the poor communities strung out on the coast from Brito north to Masachapa. I can't help but feel the decision is short-sighted. The coastal highway all by itself would have turned one of Nicaragua's poorest and most sparsely-populated stretches of land into the country's fastest growing region. But if the money ain't there ....

Rural Development Consulting, Social Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Development Webinar

Engineering for Change (E4C) has a new webinar coming up this month titled Rural Development Consulting, Social Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Development. It takes place, in Spanish on 27 August and in English on 29 August.

These are free webinars. This particular one sounds like it addresses the common "NGO is a problem" discussions here. From the web page:

Finca Esperanza Verde Direct Hydro-Power

Transforming energy to electricity seems to be the only way to harness water power, but it is not. For almost two thousand years, water wheels powered machines directly via mechanical transmission.

In the past, the [coffee bean] depulping process was restricted to a hand cranked machine, and would take all night to complete. Now, with the help of direct hydropower technologies, the depulping can be completed in two or three hours.

More at:

Good jobs for Nicaraguans with English language fluency

The call center business seems to thrive in areas where people are bright but where there are few other job options that pay well.

Is the Nicaraguan Canal route a land grab?

As I mentioned in another forum the canal could force people to sell their property / houses. This may result in another tent city in Managua. But, after reading this article I realized it could be worse.

Costa Rica loses big with new canal route

After reading this article I wonder why this is considered progress. It seems more like a little kid taking his ball and going home, while the other kid says, I didn't want to play anyhow.

am I missing something (like actual progress) here?

Addressing qualified employee flight

One of the problems brought up here is that qualified workers leave Nicaragua making it hard to start/run a business. It's a real issue but not just for Nicaragua. Another country with this problem is Ecaudor.

Country planning for the next 5 years

I haven't been hanging out on the IADB (Inter American Development Bank) website for some time and I stopped by today to see if the new country strategy for Nicaragua had been posted. This is a plan that is developed taking into account both Nicaragua's development strategy and the one the bank has for the region. The plan, with a date of last October, covers the end of 2012 to 2017.

alex thorne

hi. does any one have any updates on mr. alex thorne , of the playa amarillo development? thanks in advance.


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