Social Security "Cuts"?

A lot of NL members live on Social Security. While there is nothing Nicaragua-specific about this article, what may be happening is clearly of importance to many NL members.

I quoted "cuts" because this is not about lowering current benefits but about changing how cost of living adjustments will be made. It's similar to how unemployment rates were decreased by changing the rules for who was considered unemployed.

Spanish immersion school

I recently returned to Missouri from my first trip to Nicaragua. The first part of my report deals with Spanish immersion school. I spent 12 days in Estelí and attended the CENAC school in the mornings, Monday through Friday, for two weeks. It was great. I learned a lot, mostly that I didn't know much and that learning Spanish will take me quite a while if I study and practice. The good news is that if I try to speak Spanish most people will cheerfully try to help me.

Supposedly 1,000,000 books for free download.. .. . .

I came across the site after ordering one of their print books on Cacao Cultivation:

or, if you are interested in Coffee, there are 83 books including this one:

New York Times

Digital subscription for $5 for 3 months.

Perfect Christmas gift for that Nicaragua-bound friend.

language learning

Trying to conquer Spanish?

This might help. Also check out the comments section for more links.

Puedo Leer -- Granada

An interesting article about Nica kids, books, a library, smuggling (books), and the FACT (not a sweeping generalization based on caca del toro) that, given the resources, Nicas WILL read.

Who'd thunk it?

Education in Nicaragua and in general

Every responsible parent wants the best for their child. The submitter of node/19820 lamented the difficulty of finding a school here that met his standards for his child.

Education is a complex subject. Nicaragua ain't alone in making it 'news'. Poor student performance (compared to other top industrial countries) & the various failing programs to reform education in the USA are continual front-page news there. (Part of the problem: US society is very diverse & more open; comparisons are made to closed, culturally monolithic countries.)

Education in Nicaragua

Or the Lack of it: This article: discusses the sad sate of affairs for primary education in Nicaragua - Qualified as one the the WORST int he world. Secondary schooling is no better with the expenditure per student being one of lowest in the region and the % of the GDP spent on education does even come to the standard 7% recommended (i think it is now at 4% of GDP)

To most of you, it does not matter, to me it is a BIG headache and a worry.

Technical Help

I recently read an article about a technical high school being created to help Nicaraguans move out of poverty. (I have some questions but there is apparently no way to contact the author so I am not going to bother to reference the article.) Aside from my specific questions, I want to chat about what would make sense if you were going to donate for a technical high school in Nicaragua.

Here are the things on my list. That is, things that, to me, would make sense:

  • Computer skills. My experience with the neighborhood kids when

Home Schooling Resources

I am looking for some resources to do home schooling in Nicaragua. Of the most interest are requirements for completion of each grade and even tests that students must pass.

U.S. Marines and Miskito Indians: The Rio Coco patrol of 1928

Here is an interesting article concerning Sandino and the revolution in the 1920's-1930's

Here is a link to some good pictures of the time

I asked my friend about Sandino and it seems she was taught something a little different in the schools here.

A Look Inside a Nicaraguan School

An blog post on offers a look inside one Nicraguan school. The post is by a US teacher who just visited a school.

While it is clearly a small sample, it also seems to reflect what I have seen in schools here. It also offers some outside the classroom observations that help paint the complete picture.

Turning The Way Schools Work Around

Susan sent me a link to an Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) article about turning around the way schools work. That is, the teaching part takes place at home and what we think of as homework takes place in the classroom. This idea totally clicked with me. Once I explain the concept, I Wilie try to see how this could work in Nicaragua.

How to Transform Education in Latin America and the Caribbean

This is timely, considering some of our recent discussion...

On-line School?

In this comment, Key West Pirate suggests the possibility of creating an on-line school. I do think it can happen and want to toss out some previous thoughts I had about this years ago. I also would like to say I would be very interested in participating in this effort, particularly with the "geek end". If others are interested, let's see what we can do.

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