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Using a public hospital

This is a Guatemala adventure, not Nicaragua but not that different. While I wasn't the patient, it is a first-hand account.

Mysterious Kidney Disease Slays Farmworkers In Central America

This morning from U.S. National Public Radio...

Manuel Antonio Tejarino used to be a lean, fit field hand. During the sugar cane harvest, he'd swing a machete for hours, hacking at the thick, towering stalks.

Now Tejarino is slumped in a faded, cloth deck chair outside his sister's house on the outskirts of Chichigalpa, Nicaragua.

Tejarino's kidneys are failing.


This form of kidney failure, known as insuficiencia renal cronica in Spanish (or in English), is now found from southern Mexico to Panama... But it occurs only along the Pacific coast.

Time to quit ...

... smoking. Does anyone know whether Champix, Zyban or the patches are available in Nicaragua? Can't find them here in Jinotepe.

How public/private medicine works in Nicaragua

We have had a few articles about specifics of medical care in Nicaragua but the big picture really hasn't been covered well. While not much different than many other places, Costa Rica being a good example, it is very different from the US or Canada. It's not just the pieces but how they interact that needs to be understood.

What do Nica's that are poor with no health insurance do when they are sick or about to give birth do?

Howdy. I apologize for my ignorance, I know there are some good hospitals here for people with insurance and $$$, but what about for the Nicas that are poor,and don't have insurance.....More along the lines of a Mother expecting a child? Will she have to pay $$$ or is it funded by the Gov't. And if this child has any health issues, does the government pay for that? Or is it a sad case of sorry, not our problem. Thanks

Student nurses going door-to-door looking for Dengue symptoms.

Fifteen minutes ago two student nurses from the Universidad de Occidente from León came to my house in Estelí to look for people with dengue symptoms. They asked if anyone had fever or flu-like symptoms like pain in the joints and pressure headaches around the eyes and other pertinent questions. They took blood pressure, listened to your heart and took your temperature. They recorded all this on their clipboards. They were thorough and very pleasant with everyone. Hurray!

donating blood

I have been donating blood since my early 20's. I got started because I had a friend that was a hemophiliac. My blood type is O negative, universal donor.. I haven't read about this subject on this site and am curious. It seems that I could have a positive, but benign impact in Nicaragua. I plan to move down in January, hopefully to Esteli. I will visit for a few weeks in August.

Charles Slane


Has any one had experiences with optometrists in Nicaragua regarding quality and prices for new glasses. I went to one shop in Granada years ago but thought them expensive, somewhat the same price as in the States was my initial thought. Thanks in advance for any commentary.


I am looking for a good surgeon for a hernia procedure. Anyone have experience good/bad? recommendations? I dont have healthcare in the US, but could pick up a plan and have it done there. i've read online that its not too complicated of a procedure so weighing my options on quality, costs, etc. i have an appointment/consult at Vivian Pellas on monday with Dr William Abdullah. I was told he is the hernia expert there.

Drinking Pot Juice -- Pot from another angle

In an article on the medical uses of marijuana I was reading there was the suggestion that you consume raw pot to optimize the medical benefits and minimize the psychoactive side-effects. The reference pointed to a article. As the argument against legalizing pot -- whether we are talking industrial hemp or anything else is always it will get you high, this got my attention.

Nicaragua Telehealth webinar

This is a webinar upcoming on 9 May that sounds pretty interesting. The web page with information about it is on Engineering for Change.

Here is info from the page.

This webinar will focus on the development of a telehealth system to improve the lives of rural Nicaraguans in the communities surrounding the town of Waslala in North Central Nicaragua.

nica medical

one of the kids up on the farm..fell off a horse late sat. afternoon..when he a thorn stuck in his eye...they got him to the hospital in waslala,,got there about 8 pm..sunday...they took him to matagalpa by ambulance service..everything in Waslala was free..except for the meteagalpa..the same free.on monday.there they put him and several other people in a ambulance..and put him here in a eye to the s.s. office..below plaza inter..they operated on him today..hopefully tomorrow they will his eye is..they said the W.

dentist visit...

broke a filling yesterday..went to the dentist..350 cords to replace it..getting my teeth cleaned today..300 cords..all new equipment..been going here for about 10yrs..have sent several people to her..all were happy.. dra.alicia reyes phone 2279-1070 cell 8814-4685..address..policilinica u de m... reparto belmonte hospitol velez paiz 1 cuadra arriba...near the amer. embassy

How about coconut oil?

A blog in Smithsonian Mag talks about what one Gringo is doing in Ecuador and why it makes health sense. As I read the article I saw so many parallels to Nicaragua -- from the smell of burned vegetable oil near typical fritangas to an ample supply of coconuts.

First, here is the why:

Colonoscopy 2013

My partner is in need of some recommendations for this procedure. Anyone here have some up-to-date details on pricing and possible locations?

There is an old thread that recommends the Military Hospital. Is that still a good option?

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