The Gospel According to Lehrer and Rather

Dan Rather and Jim Lehrer talk about "what the media has become" in the U.S. They are specifically talking about the Democratic and Republican national conventions but the points are very generic. Rather says:

We have become a conveyor belt of what the party wants to put out.

Jarquin, Montealegre and U.S. Democrats?

The Tico Times (one of my least favorite news sources) has an article that just is too strange to be made up. They claim that Edmundo Jarquín and Eduardo Montealegre have been invited to the Democratic National Convention.

Is the US Trying to Destabilize the Nicaraguan Government?

A recent ChinaView article states the FSLN accused the United States on Thursday of funding opposition activities aimed at destabilizing the government. The operative government quote is:

July 16 Protest March

This UK Reuters article is a bit closer to sanity then the La Prensa one. Note that the END article was closer to this rather than the typical hysterics of La Prensa these days.

This, the second paragraph, is interesting

Why does Ortega support Obama?

Is it because both of their apellidos begin with O? Here is another clue: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25495610/ Plus, McCain is buddying up to Columbia today.

Democracy or An Alternative?

In a comment here, Michelina says "He is not helping Nicaraguan people in their struggle to built democracy.". She is talking about an article by Toni Solo supporting what many see as Ortega's effort to create a dictatorship here. Her assumption is clearly that Nicaraguan people both want "a democracy" and that they are actively trying to do that.

Yesterday's March for Democracy

In today's El Nuevo Diario (END) there is an article titled Oposición a Ortega está en las calles" (Opposition ot Ortega is in the streets). It's an interesting read. Some of you, get your translation software ready.

Thousands of Nicaraguans March Against Ortega (La Prensa)

Miles de nicaragüenses marchan contra Ortega

"marcha por la democracia, todos unidos contra la dictadura y el hambre"

"march for democracy, everyone united against dictatorship and hunger"


The Pacto vs. The Anti-Pacto

During the 2006 campaign season, the MRS was the only positive player. They presented what they wanted to do and why while every other party talked about what was wrong with the opposition. Today, the MRS is on the offensive.

Jarquin on The Past and The Future

The following is from the program El Pulso de la Semana, con Mundo Jarquín broadcast on Radio Corporación on 21 June 2008.

Democracy: U.S. and Nicaragua

With what is going on right now with regard to "democracy" in the U.S. and Nicaragua, it seems like a convenient time for a comparison. Note that I am not happy with what I see in either country right now but I do think the comparison will help put some things into perspective.

MRS and Conservatives Lose Status

Yesterday, the Supreme Electoral Council took away the legal status of the MRS and the Conservative Party as a party. This, as you would expect, means they cannot participate in the November election and, apparently for the MRS, in the 2011 presidential election. (I say apparently because I heard this on the radio but didn't understand why the MRS was singled out.)


My recent post of War on Democracy has brought up two all to typical words: communist and propaganda. The word communist was used in a personal attack and I don't intend to respond but I do feel that there are many that need to learn a bit about propaganda.

First, I trotted off to Wikipedia for their take on the word. I like what they say so much that I recommend you start reading there. Here is but one little piece of what is said and illustrated there:

Video: War on Democracy

John Pilger's film War on Democracy is available on Google video. It is in a combination of Spanish with English subtitles and English with Spanish subtitles (depending on who is talking). I haven't watched the whole video but it certainly looks interesting.

The MRS vs. El Pacto?

I just received the following message from the MRS. I have been/still am really busy and don't know the "facts behind the rumors" on this. Anyone know what is happening?


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