Danielistas star violence.

In Chinandega NW of the country , the danielistas fanatics , wounded a Luis Callejas Deputy to the National Assembly , a mortar explode in front his head and was conducted to a Hospital , and last info saying , will transfer to Managua because serius injury.The danielistas block the main streets of the city , in a move for stop buses that were going to managua to the march . .

Upcoming 28 February Demonstrations

February 28 sounds like the day of demonstrations here in Nicaragua. First, the media reported that "opposition groups" are calling for demonstrations that day. Next, it is reported that "Ortega supporters" are being called out to demonstrate as well. The implication is that this is a bad thing.

2008 Corruption Perception Index

Last week the Nicaraguan NGO Etica y Transparencia (EyT) commented on the 2008 Corruption Perception Index as published by Transparency International. Nicaragua's position descended from 123 in 2007 to 134 in 2008 (2004 pos. 97; 2005 pos. 107; 2006 pos. 118). From all Latin-American countries only Ecuador, Haiti, Venezuela and Paraguay are worse.

Computadoras Robadas...

According to La Prensa the computer of Ernesto Cardenal has been stolen Monday February 2nd. Cardenal is a famous Nicaraguan poet, author of "La revolución perdida" and one of Ortega's most famous critics. According to Cardenal's assistant Luz María Acosta, the theft is a political act, because no other valuables were taken away. This theft seems to fit in a recent series of similar computer-thefts of Ortega critics, where also no other valuables were stolen. Another article in La Prensa of February 13th, refers to one more theft and one robbery: victims were IPADE and IEEPP.

New COHA article for your reading pleasure...

You could almost call this an endorsement. Is the COHA 'in the middle,' 'on the left,' or 'on the right?'


What would Howard Zinn or Noam Chomsky say?

Don't let Nicaragua's Ortega become a Mugabe

A friend from Houston showed me this while visiting there. Have a look its a good read:


RPG About Chavez, Obama, Latin America

Mark N Katz, professor of government and politics at George Mason University, decided to do a role playing game in his undergraduate class on Revolution to see what might happen to the Chávez administration with the current substantial drop in oil prices. His idea and the results appear in CarribeanNet News.

Tortilla con Sal website: Nicaragua, a different focus...

I was sent a link from inside this political-historical website. I did not find it listed elsewhere here on a search, and it might be of interest to some readers (some is rehash, some is original): http://www.tortillaconsal.com


How does Nicaragua feel about Obama? We are so excited here in the States.

U.S. in Deep Caca is God's Punishment

I just read in a Reuters article that President Ortega said that the current U.S. economic crisis is God punishing the U.S. for imposing its economic policies on the poor. Now, personally, I don't think God was involved—I feel the U.S.

What Percentage of Gov't "Revenue" Is Used In the Public Good?

Fyl wrote on another blog:

"My question is, percentage-wise, is the Nicaraguan government helping out the majority more or less than its peers with the revenues it raises and more or less than other Nicaraguan administrations?"

I write in this forum:

MRS Boletin 5

I have uploaded a new "boletin" from the MRS here. It is an upload because it is a PDF. Note that it is in Spanish.

Violence at Leon march

Anybody have any more background/perspective on this situation: http://www.ticotimes.net/dailyarchive/2008_09/0923082.htm Please, no rants or political diatribes. Thanks.

ALBA coalition versus USA

From today's AP release by Carlos Valdez

On 9/11/08, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega announced his support for Bolivia's decision to expel U.S. Ambassador Goldberg.


What is the procedure for voting. We are registered in the US...do we need to request an absentee ballot? Can that be done at the embassy? Any information would be great, including dates we need to get this done by.


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