Zelaya speak out his real intentions.


. Hey Fyl, is permitted post videos??


Response to http://www.nicaliving.com/node/15797

You post a article and disabled the comments not because your explanation , but you know that are saying some lies.


I will only respond to the case of Nicaragua, i don't care you still mucking and attacking USA.


The relate of the history in the 80 of Nicaragua, is must at all, based in you ideological beliefs, than in a real facts, all the time you referring to this topic, you came whit the universal accusation of the left: "USA is the bad guy".


2 kinds of Sandinistas

One thing I've learned here in my 3 years in Esteli is that there are 2 kinds of Sandinistas: Smart Sandinistas who got rich during the war and Dumb Sandinstas who got poor during the war.

Seems like Humberto Ortega agrees with me.


Daniel Ortega’s intentions to silence critics by shutting down radio frequencies.

Nicaragua's radio stations struggle to stay on the air, reports Knight Center blog September 9, 2009 | 2:35 pm

The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas news blog reports that media owners, journalists, and opposition politicians have warned of President Daniel Ortega’s intentions to silence critics by shutting down radio frequencies.

El pulso de la semana, con Mundo Jarquín.

This is from his mailing list. Yes, it is Spanish but if you don't understand Spanish you probably won't understand what it is about anyway.

Programa de opinión del fin de semana en Radio Corporación

12 septiembre de 2009

(Edición No. 68)

Muy Muy

Are things getting worse?

I have seen a few comments recently, from different people and in different contexts, that imply that things in Nicaragua are worse now than they were a couple years ago, and/or that there some people who strongly fear that they will get much worse over the next couple years than they are now. The implication seemed to be that the country was headed toward riots, or government takings, or something dramatic.

"La joven revolución hondureña" pre-version finally online!

Hey, the Juventud Sandinista and I will show the final version on Saturday, the 12th of September in the Cinemateca Nacional at 6pm/1800 in Managua. The quality will obviously be a lot better than this online version. Hopefully it helps the resistance on reflecting on its strengths and weaknesses and in this country to help the youth get a better insight into the struggle the revolutionary students one country north of here is involved in.

And please, please, comment on it!


The End Doesn't Justify the Means

I decided it was time someone called me a Communist—haven't heard that in a few days— so I am offering something written yesterday by Fidel Castro Ruz. I am reproducing the whole thing here (I believe it is available for distribution but, beyond that, I will claim fair use as the idea is to discuss the whole thing anyway).

El pulso de la semana 15 August 2009

Every week Edmundo Jarquin has a program on Radio Corporacion. As the "we need helicopters to fight drug trafficing" was brought up in NL, I felt this worth including here. Yes, in Spanish. Google translate will do a better job than I will if you don't understand Spanish.

Programa de opinión del fin de semana en Radio Corporación

15 de agosto de 2009

A propósito del orteguismo-fascismo


another hon. site..i have been reading this one way back when i was living in tela,hn.


site you guys might be interested in on hondurus

Honduras Politics and Nicaragua Safety

We're planning our trip to Nicaragua for this November, and I'm wondering what the situation is like there in terms of safety and violence in reaction to the political situation in Honduras. Have any of you "on the ground" in Nicaragua noticed any change in your communities? Do you have any concerns about future reactions of the general public/Nicaraguan government should the Honduran political situation continue to be unstable?

Please Help Bush and Chávez

Ok, here is a political challenge for you. All so many people seem to feel there is only pro-U.S. and pro-Chávez one the "how to do things" list. Let's change the game a bit.

Today, 2 August 2009, George H.W. Bush, famous for Iran-Contra-Cocaine and Hugo Chávez, famous for calling son of a Bush (sorry, I couldn't resist) a donkey have both seen the errors of their ways. They each realize that the influence they had on Nicaragua during the terms (different ones for each person) of Nicaraguan President José Daniel Ortega

Zelaya Girrrl Powerrr!!!

Some NL members did say that Zelaya's political career is over, whether he returns as president, ceremonial ribbon cutter or just citizen. But I'm not so sure it will be the end of the Zelaya dynasty in Honduras. It is interesting to take a closer look at his family.

  • First there is his mother Hortensia Esmeralda Rosales Sarmiento. She has been described as his best campaigner. Mel could not have become president without her. His 80-year-old mother is still taking to the streets and offering peaceful resistance to his ousting.

Ortega's followers blocking roads

In support of Zelaya the Ortega's thugs are cutting the freedom of mobilization , even for the elects officials who have inmunity. This episode happen in one of the roads block in the panamerican road to Ocotal. This kind of beheavior has been a routine for long time inh Nicaragua by the Ortega's followers.

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