ALBA in Nicaragua

Can you please point to something concrete that ALBA has done in Nicaragua?

We know it has greatly enriched the F$LN ruling class of oligarchs. The Ortega-Murillo caudillo is now the strongest in the country thanks to ALBA funds. But, seriously, what has ALBA done in Nicaragua to help eradicate poverty, improve infrastructure, promote trade, etc etc etc.

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"Latin America Eyes Integration Without U.S., Canada"

Nicaman wants posts, so here goes.

Have any of you read Tim Rogers' latest article over at NicaTimes (yes, I know): http://www.nicatimes.net/nicaarchive/2010_02/0226101.htm

A few money quotes to start the discussion:

'"“I would say that ALBA is a model that we should try to develop even more in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean,” Ortega said this week in Cancun, apparently conflating the proposal for a greater hemispheric unity summit with the expansionist goals of ALBA.'

Who Killed the MRS and PC?

An article in Scoop titled Nicaragua, ALBA and intellectual betrayal offers a lot of allegations of bad things the U.S. and other government have done or are doing and sticks up for the FSLN. This sort of article, of course, is not unusual but in this particular one there is a chance for some quick fact checking.

Local Job Opportunity

Here is a change to be in charge of at least one of the programs of U.S. intervention in Nicaraguan politics.

Title: Chief of Party

Supervises: Deputy COP, local staff and local and expat consultants

Location: Managua, Nicaragua

Start Date/duration: April 2010, duration of project is 5 years Overview:

The CIA, the Contra and Cocaine.....

This month marks the fifth anniversary of the death of Gary Webb, the investigative journalist who uncovered the sordid details of the CIA/Contra cocaine trafficking network that funded much of Reagan's war. I am posting a very good article that covers the troubles Webb had as a result of shining a light on what he termed the "Dark Alliance" and details of that same alianza mugrosa here: http://www.consortiumnews.com/2009/120909.html

In memory of a world class reporter.

All's Well That Ends Well

2009 Honduran elections probably has a turnout of 62%, 2005 elections had one of 46%.

In 2005 Zelaya (PLH) had 49.9% and Lobo (PNH) 46.2% of the votes, in 2009 Lobo (PNH) has 52% and Santos (PLH) 35.8% (preliminary results).


((This could get bad.))

Rebirth of the ‘Re-contras’?

Up north, ex-contras claim they're reactivating the FDN – only this time without guns

By Tim Rogers Nica Times Staff | trogers@ticotimes.net

JINOTEGA, Nicaragua – In the mountainous cowboy towns of Jinotega and Matagalpa, removed from the public eye, a growing group of former “contras” has been holding clandestine meetings to “reactivate” their old resistance movement against what they call “the second dictatorship of Daniel Ortega.”

What the not-FSLN is Saying

Attached is a pronouncement of "all but the FSLN" in the National Assembly. The translation/discussion is up to you.


When I was in Estelí yesterday I saw MRS=chingaste spray painted on a wall in the middle of town. I was somewhat surprised as most Estelí graffiti tends to just be pro-something, generally the FSLN or Daniel.

So, what is chingaste? The best English slang translation I can think of is "dregs". It is commonly used, for example, to refer to the "sludge" in the bottom of your coffee cup.

The viewers speak

and it gets results

We talk a lot about the media and making a difference with them and who controls what they do. Here is a good example of how commercial interests forced the hand of a commentator who was out of touch with his seemingly (so he thought) right wingers. Remember, commercial interests translate to people. There are also some downsides to this, but overall to those of us who think what he preached is not what the USA stands for or what is good for it is a nice present. FU Lou!


Nicaragua: How Well Is Democracy Going?

Inspired by a "misplaced post", I do think this is a good question. In commenting, here are some things to think about.

  • Thirty years ago, Nicaragua finally overthrew a long-term, externally-imposed dynasty.
  • The first 1/3 of that thirty years, Nicaragua fought against an externally-imposed war that:
    • Destroyed about 1/3 of the bridges in the country
    • Mined Nicaragua's primary port (Corinto), blew up the only real fuel storage facility, and a lot more
    • Nicaragua's biggest trading partner imposed an embargo

A done deal in Honduras

which may just satisfy most of the folks on here who have followed this so closely.


Of course, I realize it will be dissected word by word and minute by minute . Keep in mind that nothing is or will be perfect but this had the desired outcome to what started off as a good idea gone bad (pick a side...they both did some. Maybe even some more good than just resolving the situation in Honduras as a one off event.

U.S. Embassy Protests/Riots

Has anyone read the Warden News from the U.S. Embassy about protestors and riotors at the Embassy in Managua? Does anyone know what they are protesting?

Nicaragua's newest tycoon? 'Socialist' president Daniel Ortega.

Interesting article http://www.csmonitor.com/2009/1014/p06s01-woam.html. Good comment by D.O,s brother. Hope this is not the model for a successful entrepreneur in Nicaragua or the people are truly jodidos.

Danielistas fight

I been asking if we can post videos, someone has the answer??

This is a proof of the party-government violence, even among them.


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